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Hello again my ghoul-loving followers, Lilith here with this weeks review of the latest episode of our beloved Walking Dead. It’s getting dangerously close to the mid-season finale (you know, that time of the show when they have to kill off one of our favorite characters yet leave us on the edge of our seats so we can’t wait to come back to the show in February). You can tell the episode is gearing us up for some major action next week, which has me excited and terrified at the same time. (Just FYI, I am rioting if they kill Glenn). Here’s my take on the episode this week, spoilers and all.


Our opening scene is our favorite Rick-lead crew boarding up and barricading the church they have been using for shelter. Michonne doesn’t play too much of a roll in this episode though seeing her face again made my night. It has been over 3 episodes since we have seen her afterall! Michonne surprisingly decides to stay behind with Carl and the baby, as well as are “scared of his own shadow” pastor, while Rick, Daryl, Noah, Tyrese, and Sasha head in to Atlanta to try to rescue Beth and Carol. It is interesting that Michonne, one of the most bad-ass of our group, was elected to stay behind. I personally think it is because of her growing attachment to Carl, Rick, and Judith, a family that she has made her own. (And can Rick and Michonne just sleep together and get it over with? I mean, you’re all thinking it too, right?!).

Michonne's favorite new family...

Michonne’s favorite new family…

This was one of the view episodes in a while that did a lot of bouncing back and forth between scenes, and before we know it we are back with Glenn, Maggie, Eugene, Abraham, Tara and Rosita, or GREATM as the painfully awkward Tara who still can’t keep her mouth shut names the group. Abraham is pretty much useless as he kneels on the road in shock about the revelation that Eugene is not a scientist that could find a cure. And Eugene is also still out cold after getting punched by Abraham. So there is not much to see here. But Glenn, Tara, and Rosita go towards a nearby stream to get them all water. While we did bounce back and forth between GREATM and Rick’s group, it was pretty boring on the GREATM-side.

Heading back to Atlanta, our group has arrived and the suggestion is made of capturing two cops and asking Dawn to exchange them for Beth and Carol. Rick is skeptical, but Daryl and Tyrese seem to want to avoid bloodshed. So they set up a trap to lure a cop car towards a lonely Noah, only to spring out and catch the pair by surprise. The mission initially seems to be going well, but then the group is attacked by a rogue cop that nearly runs them over.


The chase for these victims was one of the most terrifying scenes the show has seen in a while. They end up in a parking lot near a blown up FEMA sight, and there are at least a half a dozen melted zombies stuck to the ground. I don’t even know how to describe this scene: disgusting, gorey, thrilling, and sad maybe? Daryl seems to be the only one that suspects a trap as they dodge liquid zombies, but he is the one caught from behind by a hulk of a cop. Luckily, Daryl took some tips from Game of Thrones and grabbed a zombie head by the eyes, using it to smash the cop in the head. Wow, just wow. How the hell he did not get bit in the process is a miracle. But eventually Rick’s team has three cops captured instead of two.



So the plan with them next week is for Rick to approach the hospital and propose a swap to Dawn- three of her cops in exchange for Beth and Dawn, no blood shed, all’s well that ends well. Of course there are already a lot of holes in their plan, most importantly that Bob, the cop that seemed to be helping them knocked out Sasha and made a run for it at the end of the episode.

And then there is the character of Dawn. I didn’t make sense to me a couple weeks ago when we first met her character, how did someone so weak and scared put up such a fake front and convince everyone she should be the leader? I was even more confused by Dawn this week. She beat up Beth in one episode, lets her male cops rape the wards of the hospital, and lets almost every new patient die because of a “lack of resources” even though they have enough resources to supply DVD players and other perks to the cops as Beth points out. But in an unexpected move she gives Beth the keys to the drug box and tells her to save Carol after her men convinced her to unhook Carol from her meds and let her die. I was very confused by this move and keep thinking it is a trap. Yet she seems so out of control of her men that it was the only way she could help save another person, I just don’t know why she wants to do it now. I am sure we will shed more light on her character next week when Rick tests her leadership by offering his deal.

I do not trust this bitch, no matter what...

I do not trust this bitch, no matter what…

Another thing, why are everyone outside of Rick’s group untrustworthy?! I mean, I know the most obvious explanation is it makes for good TV. But seriously, would everyone in the zombie apocalypse be lying, cruel, and manipulative?! One of the cop captors, Bob, seems to want to help overthrow Dawn and her regime. And there seems to be a lot of strife in that hospital as it is, so it makes sense that he might like to join Rick’s crew. Additionally, though they capture them, Rick’s crew is very kind to their prisoners. They give them water, tell them the truth about their plans, and offer sanctuary if any of them wish to join them after the exchange. So why the fuck does Bob have to go and backstab them by tricking and knocking out Sasha then fleeing the scene?!?! We all saw it coming, as he sweet-talked the wounded Sasha in to helping him kill a zombie-comrade, and then smashed her in to the window. But why run for it, where is he going, and why does everyone have to be a douche bag? We all know this is going to shake Rick’s team again, making them even less likely to help or trust others in the future.

What is he up to?!?!

What is he up to?!?!

The last thing of this episode that doesn’t make too much sense to me is the preacher. Gabriel is the pastor that was saved by Rick’s team and then let them in to his church. It’s obvious he is regretting that decision since they are violent and have killed people in his church. But I don’t understand his character in general. He is almost always spotlessly clean. He still insists on wearing his pastor’s outfit and priest’s collar. He is hiding some skeleton in his closet since carved in to his church are the words “You’ll Burn For This”. And towards the end of this week’s episode he escapes out the floor and back in to the wilderness, leaving Michonne, Carl, and Judith behind. I don’t understand how a character this weak could have survived this long in the apocalypse, but something tells me that has to do with his closet skeletons and we will find out in future episodes. I personally kind of looks forward to him eventually kicking the bucket, but it will be interesting to see if that happens.

That’s it for this weeks Zombie Round Up. Speaking of zombies, ever find it interesting that the show has still never said the word “zombies”? I wonder if there is a specific reason for it that I don’t know, or if the z-word will ever make an appearance on the show. This weeks’ favorite words for zombie aside for walkers included dead ones, deaders, and rotters. Until next week zed-heads!

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