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As we once more stroll through the hallowed halls of the Evil Geeks Art Gallery, I would like to remind you of the importance of the classics. Sure, many of the subjects we’ve studied in the past have been from the Post-Post-Modern era of pop culture art, or POPOMOPOP, as we call it in the industry, but our artists’ styles have been undoubtedly shaped by the classics. Perhaps my personal favorite comic book cover of all time, today’s featured painting is undeniably a classic.

photo 3

The dynamism bursts forth from the page just as the brightly clad genetic freaks bound from the green abyss that lies beneath the cover. The look of utter fear of the face of the blue man with the visor, this “Cyclops” and his cohorts as these mysterious figures ( Cyclops included) force their way through a two dimensional image to usher in a new era of graphic fiction. Such delicious symbolism!

As you most assuredly recall from past articles, I am patron to two very talented young artists and I frequently task them with separately recreating these works of art so that I might own superior versions for this gallery. I could barely contain my excitement when I first sought to commission this cover, and my anticipation was almost immediately sated by the two glorious renditions to follow:

photo 2

I nearly wept upon first seeing Biff Tannen’s rendition of the original source material. His attention to detail is unprecedented,  he took care to recreate as much of the original cover as possible so that the Collabotron would have more material with which to work.

What truly chills me about Tannen’s take on the image, though, is the naivety on the face of Thunderbird, the Native American mutant in the lower left hand corner, beneath Colossus’ leg. The learned reader will know that Thunderbird will almost immediately perish during his time with the X-Men, becoming a martyr to Xavier’s cause. Here, we see an almost joyful look as he rushes into the fray, little suspecting that this period of adventure will be so short-lived.

photo 1

This bold, minimalist take on Giant Size X-Men #1 by Sir Arthur Harkness leaves so much to the imagination and yet so little to be desired. He has truly captured the horror of the background figures but has underplayed the metaphysical escape of the foreground figures from the printed page. Here, the original X-Men seem as stewards to this newer, less ordinary team.

The Collabotron, now restored to full working order, initially refused to process this image. It warned that mortal eyes are not meant to behold such beauty, and instead allowed me to watch brief portions of the process through the porthole I had installed on the starboard side of the machine.

But I wanted more!  I needed more! I eventually was able to convince the Collabotron to trade me the drawing for a handful of loose nuts and bolts (a machine’s favorite food, as you surely already knew) and am therefore able to present this to the art lovers of the world….

Sketch 2014-10-01 01_11_02

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  1. At last, someone who can appreciate legitimate art. If you’re ever feeling uninspired, be sure to visit the previous entries in this series. There is not a slouch among them.

  2. I might as well close my eyes because I won’t see anything better today. Thank you.

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