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Hey geeks, I have insanely good news for you. You are going to be blessed with back to back Lilith Assisi articles today! Yes, I know that just made your day. And my first article is a review of this past weekend’s Walking Dead. I personally thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode Self Help, so figured it would be difficult for me to like this week’s episode as much as last week’s. Sadly my fears were confirmed. It was a decent episode, though certainly some things that irked me. Continue forward for my spoiler and rant filled review! You have to give me some leeway, I have after all never written a Zombie Round-Up before and being the zombie aficionado that I am I might have to go all out for this review.


Ok. My biggest frustration with this episode is put out in the forefront of the opening scene: the flashbacks! I know that in the past Walking Dead flashbacks are often helpful as they show us part of a key character’s past or history. But this week’s episode, which was all things Carol (and a little less Daryl) showed several flashbacks at the start of each scene that were scenes we have already watched! I mean, when you are only going to get 42 minutes of post-apocalyptic zombie world a week, anyone can see why I was so miffed that they wasted at least 6 minutes of this episode showing us scenes we had already witnessed!

Most of us following the story also knew that this was the week we would be brought up to speed where Carol enters the hospital Beth is being held hostage in on a stretcher, but it seemed to be so painful getting there.


After our first Carol flashback we follow Daryl and Carol on the road as they are stalking the ominous black car with the white cross in the back window, the same car that Daryl saw kidnap Beth several weeks ago. This nighttime scene as they re-enter Atlanta is quite creepy. I have realized that the longer The Walking Dead is on the air the less and less scared of zombies I am. I think most of us have realized that the thing you should be scared of instead is people. And while I was scared that the cop in the car was going to surprise our Carol and Daryl team unaware, I was also scared of the lurking dead in this blackened city. I found it was one of the first times that I was scared of walkers again, which I have to give props to The Walking Dead for finally reigniting that fear factor.


Still, it is not nearly as scary as we probably all felt in the first season. And naturally our characters are no longer frightened the way they were previously either. Carol and Daryl go to an abandoned battered women’s shelter for the night, where Carol admits she spent a night with Sophia once in her past. Daryl bonds with Carol further as in the middle of the night he goes and kills the trapped child walkers in the other rooms and burns their dead bodies in a symbolic gesture. Speaking of, just one of my rants here, why is it that people feel this overwhelming urge to bury or burn dead bodies to honor them? I guess all the rotting dead bodies would be difficult to deal with in the zombie apocalypse, but why oh why would you waste fuel and risk attracting walkers by burning those bodies in the middle of the city Daryl?

Next Daryl and Carol head towards a building that overlooks the city and find a sad troop of zombies that were obviously people camped out trying to survive at one point. The walkers caught in the tents are cute in their own way. But I actually thought to myself “why let them live?” when Carol and Daryl left the walkers trapped in tents behind. Bet they were thinking that as well when they re-entered the land bridge and were greeted by a soul that stole their weapons and let the walkers out of their tents on them. Carol and Daryl don’t recognize the boy, but we know that he is Noah, the boy that Beth helped escape from the hospital a couple episodes ago.


Daryl and Carol are left sans rifle and crossbow and make what I think was a really dumb move: they head towards a van that is partially hanging off the side of a highway to inspect it because it has large white crosses on its windows like the car that took Beth. I am not saying that they shouldn’t have investigated this van, but they do it without any weapons aside from a handgun and knives, and they are shortly swarmed on either side. How to escape? They let the zombies knock their van over the edge and drop at least 40 feet to crash below, somehow getting out with just a few bruises.


Our duo then head to a building across from the hospital, which is where they think the cars with the crosses are holed up. There they find a zombie skewered with one of Daryl’s bolts. He is able to find Noah and steal his weapons back. Wanting to leave him behind Carol convinces Daryl to help her save the boy even though he tried to kill them. The boy is grateful and starts telling them they have to run before the people from the hospital come to investigate. Before we know it Noah admits to Daryl that he knew Beth and that she is the reason he escaped. The crew is running from the building when Carol is struck by one of the cars from the hospital. They attach her to a stretcher and put her in the back of the car. You can tell it takes all of Daryl’s self control not to run after her, but Noah convinces him it is best to let her get cared for at the hospital and then to return with more guns and men so that they can save everyone from the hospital. Which leads us to conclude that Noah is the one that steps out of the woods with Daryl to meet Michonne a couple episodes ago.


And that’s it! Doesn’t seem like much, right? Yeah, I blame the stupid flashbacks that we didn’t need to re-watch every scene. But oh well, at least we now know that the crew will hopefully soon be reunited and attempt rescuing Beth and Carol. Of course this is all coming ominously close to the mid-season finale, sadly a point in the show when we almost always lose someone important.

While I have all of your attention, I might as well use this moment to rant a little bit more about certain things that I love and hate about The Walking Dead. First, I overall love the show. I love episodes where we get to see some back story on developing characters, like last week’s episode where we learned all about Abraham. I love seeing the growing relationships between characters. Despite the fact that he is the only man my age that is relatively cute, the reason I would riot if Glenn were killed is not because there’s one less attractive guy on the show, but because of what it would mean for Glenn and Maggie. I love watching our group grow closer. Michonne is the perfect example of someone who started out all mysterious and yet she has grown in to a character that we love for her smile and attempts to make Carl laugh as much as we love her for being bad ass with her swords. But there are a couple things about the show that frustrate me, especially in the last season and this.

One is that people still make dumb decisions. While our crew is much more wary of people than ever, why drive around with your windows rolled down all the time?! Seems like the perfect invitation for a walker to bite your arm. Another is that the show is definitely hammering home the theory that you should “fear people, not the dead”. This is true, but a lot of these characters seem over the top cruel. Gareth’s sadism, Dawn trying to be like the governor, Gorman being a nightmare! It just seems a little over the top. Maybe I have too much faith in the human race for my own good.

Well that concludes this week’s Zombie Round-Up. Stay tuned for another stellar review from Lilith later today, and I will be following up with this review next week as well!

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