Cover Of The Day 11/12/14


I am in love with this cover.

Despite the fact that I think Rick Remender is writing some of the best comic books today, I avoided this series at first. When I heard the plot described as “a high school for assassins” I didn’t think I’d find it appealing. Not only was I wrong, but that description doesn’t do it justice. The school is only a backdrop for a coming of age story, but more importantly not fitting in. I’d say even so much as the loneliness and isolation those high school years can bring for some people. In fact, in a weird way Breakfast Club comparisons wouldn’t be off base.  It’s much better than I thought it would be and with a lot more heart.

Wes Craig is on art duties for this book and he has brought own unique style to the series. It’s sharp and almost cartoonish in a way yet surprisingly full. Each issue too you can see him grow as an artist. All the covers thus far have had a very distinct feel, but the latest for issue #8 is in a division all by itself.  The bright, yet subdued colors and the Mexican Day Of The Dead motif really make this stand out on the shelves.

Deadly Class is still relatively new so it’s not too late to jump on this series and check it out for yourself.

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