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We’ve come a long way this season, Evil Geeks. It seems like just yesterday I was typing up the review for the season premiere, now here we are going over the season finale. We had twelve episodes in a row, which for Doctor Who is pretty impressive after several years of half-seasons broken up by a long hiatus. There’s been some good and some bad this season, but it’s all lead up to this two-part finale that hit the ground running last week with an episode full of “HOLY SHIT!!!” moments. The Master is back, this time regenerated into the guise of Missy, and she’s brought an army of Cybermen potentially numbering into the billions. What’s her endgame here? What about Clara and her reckless level of overconfidence? Will she pay for the “sins” she’s committed this season even more than she has already? Let’s get down to it!

doctor-who_series_8_episode-12_death-in-heaven_looking-back-2Whenever the Master shows up, there’s bound to be a body count. This is an unavoidable fact, founded in the fires of the Masters insane, psychotic mind. This time of course is no different. We already lost Danny last week, not so much to the Masters machinations but more to just plain, old, bad luck. This week we lose the surprisingly popular despite having minimal screentime character Osgood. Kate Stewart’s right hand nerd meets an untimely end at the hands of the Master, quite literally moments after I said “I wonder if they’re setting her up to be the next companion?” Nope. Not at all. Nice call, C-Mart.

The dead of course play a pivotal role in this story in more ways than one. Missy’s plan for the Cybermen revolves around their ability to use dead bodies to create new Cybermen, so we’re treated to a sort of Night of the Living Cybermen type of scenario in which Earth’s graveyards are spewing forth an unending stream of Cybermen instead of zombies. Several of the converted dead are resistant to the cyber programing each changing the course of the story in significant ways. First we have a confused Cyber-Danny, half protecting and half endangering Clara in his quest to get her to help him move on. Cyber-Danny, ever the soldier to the end, is the ultimate hero of the episode, sacrificing his cyber-self and much, much more in hopes of redemption for what he had done during his days in the military. Also making his mark on this episode is former Commander of UNIT, currently deceased father of the current head of UNIT, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. In a majorly tear-inducing moment, the Doctor grants the Brigadier in death the one gesture of thanks he secretly wished to receive from the Doctor while he was alive. A touching moment between two old friends, meeting up again years later, each of them looking much different than before.

So what was Missy up to with all those Cybermen? Believe it or not, she planned it all as a gift for the Doctor. Once her plan is in motion and the Cybermen are rising from graves all over the globe, she hands control of the entire army over to the Doctor; telling him that he now has the one thing he’s never had, an army with which he can use to save people all across time and space. She is of course attempting to give the Doctor enough rope to hang himself with. As long as Danny has known the Doctor, he’s absolutely disliked him, as Danny claims he knows exactly the type of person the Doctor truly is. He’s the almighty, all-knowing General, who is willing to compel others to commit atrocious acts in the name of “good” while being completely unwilling to get their own hands dirty. The Master is offering the Doctor near unlimited power not as a gift, but as a temptation. She wants it to be the Doctor’s path to corruption. She wants to transform him from a hard traveling space hero into a totalitarian dictator. Luckily for us and unluckily for the Master, Danny was wrong about the Doctor. The Doctor refuses to accept control of the ever replicating army and instead hands it to the one person he knows would be a great leader if given the choice: Danny Pink. Danny is also wrong about the Doctor being unwilling to get his hands dirty. When Clara is intent on killing the Master, the Doctor is only able to persuade her not to kill her on the grounds that he would do it himself, so that Clara wouldn’t have to live with having committed such an act. By a stroke of luck, the Doctor is able to emerge from this moral conundrum with his morals intact, again thanks to one of those wacky, independent thinking Cybermen. Before the vanquishing of the Master though, she confesses to the Doctor the location of Galifrey, which of course has been lost since the combined force of all the Doctors managed to dimensionally displace it during The Day of the Doctor.

capaldi-hug-death-in-heaven   So what about Clara? After losing Danny, she and the Doctor mutually decide that it’s time for them part ways. The Doctor tells Clara that he’s found Galifrey and that it badly needs his help. He’s going to live there and be done with traveling for the foreseeable future. Clara of course will be settling into a normal life on Earth, thinking that the Doctor will be safe at home. The one basic rule of knowing the Doctor though is “The Doctor lies”, which he of course is in this case. He went to the location the Master told him, but even more so than the Doctor, the Master lies as well. Galifrey is nowhere to be found and the Doctor is a little more than upset with this discovery. He will be traveling and I suspect he lies to Clara not because he wants to keep her safe, but because he no longer trusts the person that she’s become. She WAS going to kill the Master. She’s under the delusion that she’s on the same level as the Doctor, only know the real Doctor knows that she is willing to cross that one line he never ever wants to cross. I think he feels guilty for corrupting her in some way and that’s why he won’t bring her along any more. There is the revelation in the post credits scene that indicates Clara might just have one more trip yet. Based on the source of that information, it looks like the Christmas special is going to be incredible. See you then, Evil Geeks!

Nick Frost sees you when you're sleeping. Nick Frost knows when you're awake.

Nick Frost sees you when you’re sleeping. Nick Frost knows when you’re awake.


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