BREAKING NEWS: Tyler Perry Announces Phase 3 of the Madea Cinematic Universe

Perhaps the biggest new story from this week’s PerryCon, Director Tyler Perry unveiled plans for the next wave of films set in his Madea Cinematic Universe.


Fans and reporters flooded into Hall C this afternoon expecting to see a panel featuring the stars of Perry’s latest theatrical venture, Madea’s Neighbors From Hell. Instead, however, the screens lit up with a brief teaser trailer featuring Perry’s infamous character Madea playing host to a Thanksgiving table filled with zany characters the likes of which audiences had never before seen. When the lights came back up, Perry pranced onstage only heightening the chaotic din of the overwhelmed audience. Behind him, the screens shifted to the following image…


Not only was the exasperated crowd privy to exclusive footage from the upcoming Madea’s Extended Family, they were also the first to lay eyes on the blueprint for Phase Three of Perry’s Madeaverse.

It comes as no surprise to even the most casual fan that Madea will have a strong presence in the upcoming films,serving as the main character for three additional cinematic ventures beyond the previously announced Madea’s Extended Family, but the sheer scope of these plans is mind-boggling. A two-part Madea saga stretched over the course of an entire year? Will fans be able to wait for that sweet, sweet Madea fix?

Critics have naturally found flaw with this blockbuster announcement, asking if Perry has shot himself in the foot by killing the feeling of suspense and surprise with each film’s after-credits scene setting the stage for the next. Another point of contention is the fact that these films are all sequels or combinations of pre-existing franchises.

Nevertheless, MadeaMania is at an all-time high and it shows no sign of stopping!



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