Cover Of The Day 11/3/14


I fell in love with this cover the first time I came across it. I had no idea who Valkyrie was or what she was returning from. All I knew was it was gorgeous Jim Steranko painted art chuck full of everything that appeals to me about the pulp genre. Turns out this cover was for a trade collecting the first five issues of the mid 1980’s rebirth of the Golden Age comics character Airboy.

I still haven’t read any of the series, but it doesn’t lessen how much I enjoy the art. Its composition harkens back to the classic movie posters of yesteryear. So much so, I have the original layout as a 20×30 art print hanging in my house.


The original pencils were also included on this post since it’s amazing to me how close to the finished product they are. In fact, what it’s missing in its dynamic colors are more than made up for with the additional objects that made it to the top of the page. To a lesser degree the planes on the right, but more importantly that big towering Gothic Nazi castle with lighting crackling over it. It goes a long way to creating a certain mood that’s hinted at in the finished piece. I assumed these had to be removed in order to put the title in the top left corner and not make the cover looked so crowed. It’s a shame though.


There’s no doubt Steranko is a master and I think this alone could solidify his reputation.

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