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Peter Capaldi’s inaugural season as the Doctor is finally winding up, Evil Geeks! I’ve definitely enjoyed the 12 episode run (as I type this it just slowly dawned on me; we got 12 episodes because it’s the 12th Doctor, duh!) as opposed to the broken up stretches of half seasons that we’re used to getting. As we’ve been getting to know the 12th across this crazy season, looming somewhat menacingly in the background has been Missy, scooping up those who’ve shuffled off their mortal coil and greeting them to the afterlife. Who is she and more importantly, what is her connection to the Doctor? It seems all will be revealed in this two-part finale, but first there is that unfortunate business with Danny.

Hey luv, just calling to tell you how much I love breathing air and being alive…

Poor, poor Danny. Just when he finally falls in love and gets the hang of navigating the seemingly perilous for pedestrians streets of London, he gets the old Pete Tyler treatment at the hands of some poorly skilled motorist (bonus LOLZ if it was the same driver that hit Rose Tyler’s dad). Clara was about to come clean to Danny about the web of lies she’s spun regarding her continued travels with the Doctor, when suddenly Danny is run down. I though for sure, with Jenna Coleman leaving the show, that Clara would be the one who ultimately would pay the price for her lying and her general egotistic manner this past season. Turns out, Danny would be the one pay that tab. I was just starting to like him and with the big reveal of the episode, I don’t believe it’ll be possible for Clara and the Doctor to save him as they had hoped to do.  Who knows though, we’ve seen the future involving Orson Pink, so maybe there will be a way to save Danny? Or maybe he has an identical twin brother named Manny Pink who Clara will turn to in her hour of bereavement, then just decide to sub him in for Danny?

7309586-low- I did enjoy seeing the confrontation between Clara and the Doctor at the beginning of the episode. That’s something that had also been brewing the background all season long, as well as the Missy story. In a fit of rage over the loss of Danny, Clara decides the best way to deal with her pain is the threaten the Doctor into helping her find a way to bring back her lost love. I’m not the smartest person in the universe, which is precisely why any plans I formulate don’t involve trying to pull one over on the person who actually IS the smartest man in the universe. A lesson which is apparently lost on Clara. The Doctor of course foils her plan, but not before he makes her think she’s carried out with her threat. Even Danny’s death isn’t enough to deflate Clara’s ego and sense of self-importance, so she still may have to pay the price for that yet. After the Doctor reveals to Clara that he stopped her from carrying out her plan, he manages to open up to her for only a second; asking if she really thought he cared for her so little that he wouldn’t help her. He may be a dick to her most of the time, but deep down inside he really does care about her.

p0299ssvSo what about the terribly mysterious Missy? I speculate quite often during these Who Reviews and I’m frequently wrong about some of them. Well, being the humble, grounded, modest person that I am, I’d just like to take the opportunity to say I CALLED IT MOTHAF%#$AS!!!! WAYYYYYYY back in the first review of the current season, I correctly guessed Missy’s true identity. Missy, in this case is short for The Mistress, because of course that’s the gender appropriate form of The Master!


 Missy/The Master is back and is somehow allied with the Cybermen. It could be that they nabbed his corpse after he died following his last confrontation with the Doctor, as this seems to be how the Cybermen have been stocking their numbers for a while. Using the corpses of departed humans to supplement their cybernetics. I really wish the previews for this week would have not mentioned the Cybermen, since it would’ve made their reveal much more of a surprise, but I still like where this finale is headed. Be sure the check in with us next week for the latest on this epic conclusion to a wild season of Doctor Who!

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