Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: We Need More Buffy The Vampire Slayers

Warning folks, Lilith is back today with a rant-filled post for you, something I have been thinking about a lot lately. There has been an upswing in posts about feminism out there, and you all know that I am a fan of a strong female character. So rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer for TV From The Crypts has led me to an epic conclusion: we need more Buffys. Buffy Summers is one of the most ass-kicking, strong female characters out there that shames many of our present girly lead roles. Continue on for all my personal beliefs as to why I wish there were more Buffy The Vampire Slayers out there.

Up first for Buffy: I love that Buffy has embraced her role as slayer. Before the calling she was a typical pretty, judging, obnoxious cheerleading high school student. But when she was approached by the Council that she was to be the new vampire slayer for the world she embraced the role and for the most part shed her former ditzy persona. She still occasionally pines over what could have been if she were still a popular high school student in the “in crowd”, but acknowledges that in many ways being the slayer has made her a better person, one who could imagine anyone as her friend, from goofy class clowns to nerdy hackers. In comparison, think of people like Katniss Everdean and Elena Gilbert: women who never seem to accept their importance in the story they are living and just keep grasping on to the past or what life could have been. Buffy’s acceptance of her role as slayer is so much more refreshing.


Next I must say that she kicks some serious butt, literally. Rather than the CGI enhanced moves of Trinity or the sexy allure of The Black Widow, Buffy gets right down to it: I have yet to see a female character perform a better round house kick than her. She punches, and gets punched back, but keeps on giving it to the bad guys. The girls on Vampire Diaries are abysmal in comparison, as all they can do is move super fast and look a little bit scary when they bare their fangs. Buffy is not all smooth and silk like these other female characters, she is muscular, rugged, and out to beat vamps to a pulp.


And while Buffy might have been Ms. Perfect before becoming slayer, always aware that her manicured nails matched her outfit and heels, she becomes much more practical about how to dress when she is out on her watches, hunting vampires: sweats and sneakers are the way to go. She still makes those outfits look relatively beautiful, but to her it is all about practicality and what we will allow her to pack the most powerful punch. I think Sookie Stackhouse and Caroline Forbes could take some serious tips from Buffy when it comes to their wardrobe.

Buffy knows about sacrifice, and accepts it. Yeah, she has her moments where she whines that she didn’t get to go out to the school dance like everyone else, but she realizes her role as the slayer is far more important then trying to cling to what some would consider a “normal teenage experience”. Seems pretty much the opposite of what all the Vampire Diaries women or even Bella and Edward are trying to do.


Buffy also sets the bar high when it comes to morals. I think she and Hermione Granger are good comparisons there. They both deep down know that even if something is easy it does not make it right, and they will never chose the easy path over the righteous one. Even if it means killing her boyfriend, Buffy will do what is right. Buffy is also more loyal than the majority of leading female roles combined. She will brave any situation to save her friends.

So in summary, you might recall Buffy as this corny old TV show from the 90’s, and you would mostly be right recalling it that way. But if you have not watched it in a while I suggest rewatching it and comparing Buffy to today’s lead female characters, I think she goes above and beyond the majority of them. She would be a great role model for female generations to come. And let’s face it, the theme song is pretty head-banging badass too.

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  2. There realy should be another Buffy because the world isnt safe and she rocks espeacaly
    with Angel

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