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All I gotta say is that in the past week MARVEL HAS BEEN KILLING IT! Seriously, this week has been insane with what the company has in store for us for the next five years… now that’s some serious planning! I’ll always be a DC Fanboy at heart, but man! They’ve got all sorts of awesome in store for us and I can hardly contain my excitement…and it includes Ultron, Black Panther, Stephen Strange, the Infinity War and more, so let’s get started!!!


All the craziness started a week ago when Robert Downey Jr revealed that he was in for another Marvel movie, but rather than another solo Iron Man movie he’s starring in Captain America 3, which has officially been titled Captain America: Civil War! Marvel’s Kevin Feige was quoted saying that the film will have a “global superhuman registration with a specific inciting incident.” It’s too early to say what exactly will happen with this movie, but Civil War was huge for Marvel in the comic world because it brought on the death of Captain America and set the stage for Bucky to take over in the role. Who knows what the MCU has in store, but Chris Evans has signed up for 6 movies and this one will make 5 for him (his cameo in Thor didn’t count,) so who knows! Maybe film will reflect art and Evans’ Cap will die only to be brought back again in a future film?

Then a couple days later the world saw the leak that forced Marvel’s hand to give us a full-fledged Avengers Age of Ultron trailer, and just a little while ago on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we got a little fun with the Avengers all trying to lift up Mjolnir to go with the destructive force of Ultron and all the nastiness he has planned for the Avengers! There’s all sorts of rumors swirling around this movie already…will it include Black Panther? Will an Avenger die? Again, we’ll have to wait, but the speculation is awesome!


On top of the craziness that this movie has in store for us, we got some great news via Deadline that fan favorite Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange! I for one think that this is spot on casting because along with Cumberbatch currently being an “it” type of actor, the man plays cocky well and that is exactly what you need for Stephen Strange, an actor who seethes arrogance but in a way where you still really like him, which we see regularly in Sherlock, as well as in his interpretations of Khan and even Smaug! About a month ago there were rumors that he was talking to WB about a comic book roll, maybe the voice of Martian Manhunter…Well DC, you snooze, you lose because Sherlock is working for Marvel now in which I can only assume will be a multi-picture deal of some sort. Marvel revealed that Doc Strange is slated for November 6th, 2016!


Marvel had an MCU event where they laid out plans for the next five years and gave us even more news. They confirmed that Black Panther would be getting his own movie in 2017 staring Chadwick Boseman in the role and that will be one of three Marvel movies that year including Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor: Ragnarok!!! Feige also mentioned that the will be a Black Panther Easter Egg in Avengers 2…I for one hope it’s in the form of a new shield for Steve Rogers!!!




From there we’ll get Avengers: Infinity War Part I on May 4th 2018 and Part II following it up on a year later in 2019! Somewhere in the middle, we’ll also see a stand alone Captain Marvel film staring Carol Danvers in July 2018 and an Inhumans movie later on that November! There are also a ton of rumors out there that the Avengers roster will change up in these films, but hey, that’s the deal! The roster always changed in the comics, so I assumed it would here too…One thing though, Feige revealed that both Black Widow and Hulk were better suited for the Avengers rather than solo movies, so maybe they’ll stay on in their roles?




On top of all this movie news, will Marvel continue to invade our living rooms? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing pretty good both story and ratings-wise this season and Agent Carter starts in January as an 8-episode limited series… Will they continue to string their movies together with a weekly series? Seems like some long-range planning, but hey series last for five or six years all the time and there’s already rumors that Skye might be an Inhuman, which would bring in the Kree and more into that part of Marvels shared MCU. And, where do the Netflix shows fit into the bigger puzzle? Time will tell I guess.

Whatever happens, it’s a damn good time to be a Marvel Comics fan! Back in the day I never would have thought that we’d get to where we are, but to have a Cinematic Universe with almost 20 films all under the same umbrella??? That is just awesome!

Oh, one more thing…one more rumor…word on the street is that Marvel is trying to work with SONY to get a certain wall crawler into the MCU fold. When asked about this, Feige said that it was either “not true at all” or “something not ready to be announced yet.” Still a rumor, but damn, now I’m intrigued!!!


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