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Happy Sunday, my fellow Whovian Evil Geeks! Last week we saw Clara travel further down a hubris filled path, on her way possibly to tragedy. Will she set herself right? Can she get over being the “Impossible Girl” and find a more level-headed approach to traveling with the Doctor? Finally, will the lies she’s been telling both Danny and the Doctor finally catch up with her? This week’s Episode “In the Forest of the Night” finds the Doctor, Clara, Danny, and a whole load of kids from the Coal Hill School trying to deal with a mysterious amount of foliage that has sprung up overnight, covering the entire globe? Is this an invasion of some sorts or is there a more benevolent reason for the unexpected growth?

p0299rltThis season seems to be relying on certain story tent poles to keep the story moving: we’ve got the relationship between Danny and Clara, we’ve got the Doctor and Clara both questioning the nature of “Good” in relation to themselves, and we’ve got the Doctor interacting with “normal” people. For a guy who went to great lengths just a few half-seasons ago to erase his name and memory from the mouths and minds of nearly everyone in the universe, he sure seems to be letting a lot of people into the TARDIS this season. We got a dose of the Doctor hanging around with kids in “The Caretaker”, but this episode seems to rely on that convention more heavily as the Doctor lets a class full of kids, chaperoned b y Clara and Danny, into the TARDIS. Before I let you know what I thought of the episode, there are 2 important things I need to state: 1.) I realize he let all the kids in most likely to protect them from whatever might be lurking in the forest. Then 2.) I do understand that this started out a show geared to kids, which later became more of a family friendly type of entertainment. Now having said that, I can say this wasn’t my favorite episode.  It just seemed a little too cutesy for my tastes. I felt like too much of the story was taken up by checking in with the kids and their antics at the cost of a less developed plot and “villain” (there’s really no villain in this episode, except for the sun maybe, but let’s just say some messages get a little mixed in translation and someone comes off as a villain before the Doctor realizes they are not). I liked Maeve as a character, but I thought the ending was a little bit too convenient for her story. If the story of the disappearance of Maeve’s sister would’ve been filled out a little more, I feel like the end of the episode would’ve had a little more of an emotional impact instead of the “Meh. Good for her, I guess.” reaction it got out of me. What happened?!?!? Where did her sister go??!?!? How the hell is it related to the appearance of the trees???

1museum1I did like that we saw a little more of Danny in action. He’s come off as kind of a spineless wuss all season, like an even more emasculated Rory, but we see a different side of him this week when he’s watching out for the kids from the school which made me like him a little more. We also get to see Danny call out Clara after he discovers that she’s been lying to him about not traveling with the Doctor. Even though the relationship between Clara and the Doctor isn’t sexual, it’s still made Danny look like a bit of a cuckold as his girlfriend is off traipsing around the universe with some other guy. The threat of losing Danny gives Clara a bit of a reality check and in my opinion brings her back to Earth a little bit, which would explain why she makes some of the altruistic decisions she makes in the end of the episode. She’s offered the chance to escape Earth before it’s expected destruction, but she instead uses the opportunity to lure the Doctor back to the TARDIS in order for him to be able to escape  and survive.

Just when you think Clara’s getting back on the right track though, we get the preview for next week’s epsisode. Evil Clara? WHAT IS HAPPENEING?!?!?! We see Clara tell the Doctor that Clara Oswald never existed. Is it possible that she’s been some kind of double agent all along? I doubt it, but the Cybermen are involved and so is the mysterious Missy, whom we’ve been seeing all season welcome departed characters to “Heaven”.  She appears in this episode briefly, watching in disappointment as the Earth is saved at the last moment; as if she were expecting a large influx of people into Heaven but now won’t be since the entire population of Earth didn’t die. It looks like she’s going to have a significant role in final part of this season which looks like it’s going to be incredibly epic. Be sure to check back with Who Review for more in-depth review!

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