S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Up: A Hen in the Wolf House

Greetings, Evil Geeks! In this new, crazy, mixed-up, SHIELD vs. Hydra world, we’re still getting to know who’s got people where, who has the capabilities to do what, and basically who the players are now that battle lines have been drawn. This week gives us a little set up for what the sides are going to come down to and who’s aligned with who. Confused yet? This is espionage, man! There is no good or bad, just varying shades of grey!

ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE, ADAM KULBERSHWe know that Simmons is in deep with Hydra, but we also know that she’s a terrible liar. How long is she going to be able to hold up the act? Well, not long as it turns out. Surprisingly though, it’s not her inability to be deceptive that gives her away, her cover is blown by Reina of all people, who happens to catch Simmons in the act of transmitting a message to SHIELD and records her disposing of the high tech paper used to transmit the messages. As you may be aware though, Reina isn’t exactly with Hydra at the moment; she’s been working with Skye’s father (played by Kyle MacLachlan otherwise known as The Captain from How I Met Your Mother).

KYLE MACLACHLAN, RUTH NEGGAEven though she doesn’t work for them, Hydra has been pressuring Reina to deliver the obelisk that the Absorbing Man stole earlier in the season. Hydra has a mean jones on for that destructive little artifact and they’re willing to go to great lengths to get their hands on it. The spy game for both Hydra and SHIELD is in full swing as each agency is trying to get one step ahead of the other in this mad scramble for control. Reina and Skye’s father seem to be caught in the middle of the power struggle, but in the end they end up running to different sides of the table. Reina tries to blackmail Coulson into helping her out; either he helps her or she outs Simmons to Hydra. Coulson calls her bluff and she does follow through with the threat, but with Coulson being a disciple praying at the altar of Nick Fury, he of course has a back-up plan to get her out. Skye’s father on the other hand marches directly into the office of Daniel Whitehall (the guy who appears to be running the show at Hydra), murders a few guards, then straight up asks Whitehall how he’d  like to help him kill Phil Coulson. Ruh-roh. As if Coulson didn’t have enough to worry about with whatever the hell is going on with him and his compulsion to scrawl messages in Kree, now he’s got Hydra working with WHATEVER the hell Skye’s father is, trying to take him out.

tumblr_ndts5dpJCi1r1wyxno2_500So what about Simmons? She’s stuck over at Hydra HQ with her cover completely blown. Hydra has been SUPER suspicious of her lately and their resident security specialist, Bobbi Morse, has been keeping a close eye on Gemma. What ever is a brainy girl, with little to no fighting skills to do when she’s trapped in an office building full of evil agents all out for her head? As any fan of the Avengers comics probably know, Bobbi Morse is better known as the hero Mockingbird. She’s actually on a deep cover assignment for SHIELD herself, secretly watching out for Simmons. When the shit hits the fan, Bobbi helps Gemma get to the roof into the waiting arms of a Quinjet which gets her back to SHIELD HQ. It looks like Bobbi is going to be a new addition to the team, or at least I hope so, because I think it’s another step in the right direction for this show. We’ve been getting a slow stream of super villains being worked into the show, so it would only make sense to add some heroes as well. Ideally, this show should be  supplement for the Marvel movies, serving to flesh out the fabric of the universe, so a new hero in the mix is definitely a welcome addition. She may not be the biggest name in the business, but she has ties to other major players in the movies, specifically Hawkeye, to whom she was once married. It doesn’t seem like they are going that route with her, she’s Lance Hunter’s ex in this continuity, but who knows, maybe the romance with Hawkeye is in the cards for the future?

So… Skye’s dad seems kind of, ummmmmm…intense? He’s clearly NOT a nice guy, as he has a nasty reputation that seems to follow him. He seems to have a bit of a temper. And by that, I mean that he has a tendency to Hulk out a little bit when he gets angry. I’m wondering who or what exactly he is. The story hints at him and Skye being aliens, but he also seems like he could be a gamma related villain too. He hasn’t transformed into anything, but he’s for sure got some superhuman strength and again, the temper would seem to indicate a relation to the Hulk.  No answers this week on that front, but hopefully we’ll get something soon. I’d really like to see how Marvel plans to tie in the cosmic aspect of the cinematic u that was established in Guardians of the Galaxy and I’m kind of hoping that Skye and her father are part of that plan? Is he maybe a rogue Nova corpsmen? Kree? Shi’ar? I mean he doesn’t have any feathers, but I think I saw him with some birdseed in his pocket earlier? I guess we’ll just have to tune in and find out!

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  1. Ended up sitting in the dark binge watching this show for a weekend- loved it and definitely need to pick it up again, it’s very good work.

  2. I absolutely love this show!

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