The Evolutionary Patterns of Homo Superior

You know what’s missing from Marvel comics these days? It’s not just the feeling of permanence in the storytelling or the overall quality in the product they put out on a monthly basis. The notion that the creators are putting their best feet forward and not just taking monthly work to pay the bills while they publish their best stories as creator-owned works? Sure, that’s gone with the wind but there’s something else that used to be a staple of the industry, but seems to be gone for good.

The corner box illustration.

X-Men 1

My esteemed colleague Biff Tannen laid the blueprints for a plan to chronicle the changes in the corner boxes of Uncanny X-Men, and I had some time on my hands one evening so I chopped all of the unique versions to be featured on a few decades worth of covers so that you, fair readers, might enjoy them. For those keen on the history of Marvel’s Merry Mutants, they tell a tale in their own away, not just about the ever-changing roster of the team but of the shifting priorities of the audience and the publisher.

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