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Hello geeks! I recently decided to take a stroll down memory lane, aka Youtube, in search of my favorite 90’s Nickelodeon shows. Given that it’s October, and tis the season to be spooky, I took a chance and searched for one of my favorite shows from my childhood, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and found that most of the series is available to watch through Youtube.

The Crimson Clown himself. He is not so cute.

I binge watched the show for a few hours, so I’ve got a few episodes I’m itching to review, but the first one I watched was the episode titled “The Tale of the Crimson Clown”. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’ll let you in on a little detail about me. I freaking HATE clowns. And I have since I was a kid, when I watched this show. There’s a pretty good chance that my mom, who I used to watch the show with all the time, saw that there was an episode about clowns on and made up some story about how the show wasn’t on this week. Because I really don’t recall seeing this as a kid.

Long story short, if I had seen this as a kid, I probably would have pissed on myself. I feel like I nearly did as an adult re-watching this. Basically, this kid Mike has a pain in the ass little shit for a brother named Sam. Mike saves up 75 WHOLE dollars from his paper route to get his mom a birthday present, and little shit brother totally steals it to buy a bike or skates or some other toy that only 90’s kids would like. Mike is sick of his little brother’s assholey behavior and tells him that if he keeps being a “bad kid” that the Crimson Clown will come and take him away. Sam, being the little snot that he is, scoffs and keeps being a snot. He goes in his room, and lo and behold, the clown doll is sitting on his bed. He calls his brother Mike in to see, and the clown doll is mysteriously gone.

             The CC just chillaxing under Sam’s bed. Little shit deserved it.

The episode’s end has a horrifying dream-like sequence where the clown ties Sam up with this red ribbon and basically starts strangling him. You can see the clown under the covers (which, by the way, what the hell? Not only did it look really rapey…I thought covers were supposed to protect you from things under your bed?! Do clowns not count? Please advise, AYAOTD!) and hear his maniacal laughter. Sam breaks free of the ribbons and runs next door to Mike’s room for help. But oh, wait, we forgot to mention that instead of Mike in his own bed, Sam finds the Crimson Clown instead. His head is way larger and resembles a gigantic balloon, which keeps expanding until it pops and glitter bursts everywhere. (I also hate loud noises, so I was pretty much hyperventilating at this point, but at least something sparkly and cool happened?) The windows and doors won’t open and Sam begs for forgiveness, just one more chance.He awakes in his own bed, no clowns to be seen. Since he learned the error of his ways, he got a second chance from the Crimson Clown. How nice of him.

If you’re familiar with Are You Afraid of the Dark? , you know that the acting is monumentally awful. But, nonetheless, the show is super enjoyable and the reason why I got into horror films when I was older. Thanks for the nightmares, though, Nickelodeon!

If you are an AYAOTD fan, what episode gives you the chills? Let me know and perhaps you’ll see it reviewed here!

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