S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Up: Making Friends and Influencing People & Face My Enemy

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First off, I’m sorry it’s been some time… but this past week has been one of catch up, so I’m gonna catch you up on two weeks of everyones favorite agents with the episodes titled “Making Friends and Influencing People” and “Face My Enemy.” These two episodes have been really cool because we’ve really gotten to see the spy game happening between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA that wasn’t (in my opinion) as apparent in the first season as our team was really a group of peace-keeper who have in many ways had their status changed to outlaws.

In Making Friends we see the fate of Jemma Simmons. As we’ve learned, Fitz suffered brain trauma at the end of the last season and had been talking to Simmons since the season opener, but we learned that Simmons really left and he is projecting her and really talking to himself! So where has she been? She went and got a job in a lab working for HYDRA! What? No Way, right?…right. She’s actually undercover for Coulson, which is kinda nuts since ya know, it’s Simmons! But she does a pretty damn good job, because the higher ups recruit her to help with an asset known as Donnie Gill (yeah, from season 1,) better known as Blizzard while the team tries to get to him as well.



The highlight of the episode in my opinion is a moment of revelation for Fitz. He realizes that the entire team has left him to go and adventure and his “inner Simmons” tries to keep his spirits up, but he stumbles on to something that takes his breath away…Grant Ward! The man who took his life away! The interaction between these two is worth your time to watch the show alone in my opinion because we get to see what Fitz could really do if he didn’t have a conscience and went unchecked! Along with that, we get to see how Simmons can really hang as an undercover agent and how Skye is coming to terms with possibly having to take someone out.

End of the day, Making Friends and Influencing People makes us see the fine line between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA and exactly how similar they’d both act to get the same thing.

“Face My Enemy” gives us some more undercover action with Coulson and May. The episode starts with a fire in a church with a lone survivor… an ancient painting with a bunch of alien writing on the back of it. Just like the previous weeks episode, both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA are interested in the painting, with Coulson wanting it for obviously personal reasons.


It’s funny to see Coulson and May undercover, specifically May. Coulson is pretty much the same guy that he regularly plays, a good guy, but May is her polar opposite. As they schmooze through a party of an influential person of interest who supposedly has the painting they run into Glenn Talbot!!! Looks like he’s interested in the painting too, and is interested in letting Coulson get it. They break into the vault only to find out that the painting isn’t there because Talbot already got it and has contacted HYDRA to let them know that Coulson is on site!!! WHAT!!!??


Talbot tells Coulson that they should work together to figure out the writing on the back and Phil thinks it’s a good idea, they agree to meet in the near future, but he knows that there’s something up with Talbot. May goes to investigate Talbot but finds that he’s not only HYDRA, but that he’s not even Talbot!!! He’s a HYDRA agent in a digital mask. HYDRA takes out May and their Agent 33 puts on the mask and infiltrates the team as May and sabotages The Bus!


We get Coulson and May battling HYDRA and the team trying to survive the Bus sabotage with Fitz being the hero that saves the day! The entire season we’ve heard Hunter talk about his ex-wife here and there, but he spends the episode telling the team about how they met and their story. After the big save, Hunter gets Fitz to share a beer with the team and he tells them that he’s never been married but once told a girl how he felt about her and that she ran away! Not gonna lie, that was both heartbreaking and awesome!

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All in all, these past two episodes have been some good stuff and you should watch them. In fact the whole 2nd season has been all rise in my opinion and from what I’ve heard it’s doing well in the ratings. The show is stretching it’s legs and already has shown us more baddies so far and I hope it keeps it up and gets us all ready for whatever Marvel has in store for us with Avengers 2… Will we see Von Strucker before it’s done? Ya’ never know!!!

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