Zombie Round Up: No Sanctuary

It’s that time of year again, Evil Geeks. The air gets a little crisper. The days get a little shorter. The dead start to walk across our TV screens again. The Walking Dead came back this week in full force, kicking off what is already looking to be a crazy season 5. What’s the best way for a show that can at times slow down to a glacial pace in terms of storytelling? Why with 1 full hour of zombie killing action, big ass explosions, and a healthy dose of some sweet, sweet fan service!

Screen.Shot_.2014.10.16.at_.4.16.45.AM_So you remember at the end of last season, we had a long slow build-up of our heroes gradually making their way towards Terminus in hopes of finally being able to find a little bit of peace and quiet, only for them to be captured and held in a cattle car like…well, like cattle, but do you remember all of that? Bet you thought this season would be about our protagonists slowly finding a way to eventually escape their captors, didn’t you? Well that isn’t quite what’s happening as in the span of less than an hour, Terminus goes from a well stocked fortress filled to the brim with shady, cannibalistic tricksters to a zombie infested pile of rubble courtesy of Carol. Carol has fully made the transition from meek, battered housewife, to body dropping, zombie exploding, badass warrior of the post-apocalyptic era. Where once stood a woman who couldn’t even stand up to her husband, now stands the bad mo-fo who Rick and the other prison survivors all owe their lives too. Sure her methods have been a little harsh at times (the BBQ she threw for Tyreese’s girlfriend and of course the gardening party she threw with Lizzie in last season’s The Grove), but damn if she doesn’t get results!

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya'...punk.

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya’…punk.

This episode seemed to be about giving a massive batch of instant gratification, which I’m hoping won’t lead to a slow drawn out season in which nothing happens. Not only was the episode action packed, but it had a a happy ending as well. Usually in Walking Dead-land, happy endings are abruptly followed by grisly deaths, but this time out we’re spared the agony. Everyone survives the Terminus affair, with barely a scratch on them and that much wiser in the ways of the modern zombie filled world. Aside from the fast paced story and the warm fuzzy conclusion, if I’m not mistaken, I think we got a few Easter eggs thrown our way too. One signifying something that’s yet to come and one giving us an epilogue to a fallen member of our group.

So here’s the first juicy morsel that we were thrown in this episode. It’s the epilogue one:

Look familiar? Probably not; I mean just look at the poor girl, she’s rotting away to nothing. Buuuuuuuuuttttt, if you try to mentally reassemble that face, does she perhaps look like she could be a certain blue-eyed character who not too long ago met with an untimely end? Specifically Andrea. Is this walker Andrea? If you recall, Andrea had been bitten and it was implied that she shot herself in the head to avoid turning, although we never actually see the deed. It would appear that this walker has encountered a little bit of head trauma, so is it possible that Andrea didn’t quite blow all of her brains out and ended up coming back? I mean Andrea really was the worst. She couldn’t do anything right, so naturally she’d botch her own suicide I suppose. We’re shown that walker for an extended period of time and there is a moment where Carol (at least I think it was Carol, it’s been a few days since I watched the ep) gives the zombie a double take, as if she recognizes it.  I’m calling this one like I see it: that rotting corpse is Andrea, being a pain in the ass to our heroes, even in death.

Now here’s the second big fat Easter egg that we’re thrown:

Yes it’s dark and a little blurry but take into mind the context of the situation in which we’re seeing this image. This tough looking bruiser is one of the folks who manages to take over and terrorize Terminus in the flashback sequences that we’re shown. Ok now comic readers, who do we know that looks like this and has absolutely no qualms with raping and pillaging until his heart’s content?

Ladies and gents, I think we’ve just met Negan for the first time. When I saw that guy on-screen, I started getting giddy with fanboy excitement hoping that we’re eventually going to get to see the war between the various communities of the zombie wasteland and Negan’s crew. He was just so despicable, vile, and fun to hate in the comic, I really hope that we’re not only getting that storyline told in live action, but I’m also hoping that the actor they’ve chosen has the chops to pull off the slimy, resentful, “likeability” of Negan’s abrasive personality. If you’re not familiar with the character of Negan, there’s absolutely nothing redeeming or likeable about him at all, but holy hell is he entertaining. He’s basically a stereotypical ‘Merican, with a psychotic personality turned up to 11.  Also, if he’s in the show and if the show is going to stick close to the book, then Negan showing up means that one of our protagonists days could be numbered. Please, please, PLEASE AMC, please give us Negan in this show! That’s all the zombie chat we got for this week folks, stop by next time as we hopefully get closer and closer to the official TV debut of one of the most deranged villains to ever walk the Earth.

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The Grove

The Grove

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