Who Review – Mummy on the Orient Express


vlcsnap-00011Greetings Whovian Evil Geeks! C-Mart was partying it up in NYC this past weekend for the 2014 New York Comic Con, hence the lateness of this article. Since we’re already half-way to a new episode, I figured this post would be better used to discuss the aftermath of Mummy on the Orient Express as opposed to giving you a recap of the episode. Let’s talk about Clara’s not-so-final hurrah!

Doctor-Who-Mummy-Orient-Express-T10-03After Kill the Moon, it was painfully obvious that there was some tension building between Clara and the Doctor. It wasn’t the playful, cute, romantic tension that existed between the 11th Doctor and Clara, but more of a “I’m starting to think I really don’t want to be your friend anymore” type of tension. While the 12th Doctor’s brusque, curt demeanor may be enjoyable to viewers of the show, it would seem that actually traveling the universe with an asshole of such proportions isn’t quite as enjoyable.  It can be argued that previous incarnations of the Doctor were just as rude to beings he deemed not on his level intelligence-wise, they were much more humorous about their dislike of “inferiors”. They’d make a playful jest about their brainpower (like the 9th and 10th Doctors with Mickey), but still be there to save said idiot if the occasion called for it.  With the 12th Doctor though, it seems like if you aren’t able to hang with him, then he straight up doesn’t give a fuck about you and will leave you to die. He’s making something of a habit of letting innocent people die this season, as seen in Enter the Dalek and Kill the Moon. This new attitude from the Doctor just isn’t rubbing Clara the right way, so she’s told the Doctor that she’s calling it quits when it comes to time travel. The trip on the Orient Express is to be her “last hurrah” with the Doctor before she decides to settle down with the milquetoast Danny Pink.


The events of the affair with the mummy only seem to prove Clara’s point about the Doctor; he just doesn’t care about the little people anymore.  As the curse of the Foretold states, whomever the mummy locks its eyes onto, has only 66 seconds to live. As people are dropping left and right on the train, the Doctor seems to be doing nothing to save the cursed individuals. Past Doctor’s would’ve been frantically trying the doomed soul until it was definitely too late, but the 12th Doctor instead takes the occasions of the mummy attacks to observe what is happening and to quiz the imminently deceased about what they are seeing, since they are the only ones who can see the mummy. As these poor saps are left to stand there living out their final minute in terror, the Doctor almost seems giddy with scientific curiosity over the process. Clara gets especially pissed off when the true reason for the Doctor taking her on the Orient Express (in space of course) emerges, because the Doctor intentionally understated the amount of danger that would be involved. Even though she’s been reassured multiple times that this new incarnation is indeed the same Doctor she’s always known, Clara finds herself questioning if he really is the same person or not.  Ultimately, after the Doctor saves the day Clara is again convinced that he is the same Doctor, but because his new operating method is so cold and seemingly heartless, she decides that it’s time to hang up her key to the TARDIS and calls Danny to tell him that she’s breaking it off with the Doctor.

Doctor Who (series 8) Ep8Not. So. Fast. Miss Oswald. It seems the Doctor isn’t the only deceptive one on the TARDIS. Clara asks the Doctor if he thinks time traveling can be addictive; not because she’s thinking of taking up becoming a counselor to past companions, but more because she would appear to be addicted to time traveling herself. When confronted with a reality free of danger and excitement, settling down with the man of her dreams, she freaks and decides to keep on keeping on with the Doctor. Nevermind that she just told Danny that she’s going to be home in a few minutes, when you’ve got a time machine, it wouldn’t be too hard to lie your ass off, stay with the Doctor some more and then return home in a few minutes anyway with your unsuspecting boyfriend none the wiser. Unless of course, something bad were to happen to you.  Clara just brazenly lied to Danny and I think that is a decision that she is going to end up paying dearly for. I think something bad is going to happen to Clara as a result of her decision to stay. She had an out. All she had to do was get off the TARDIS and go live happily ever after with Danny. Not only did she not chose to do that, she also lied about it too. If this were a horror movie, she’d be just as doomed as tow teens making out in a car.  Get your hankies ready now Whovians, Clara only has a few episodes left and I think we’re going to be bawling our eyes out when all is said and done.  That’s all for this week Who-Heads, Who Review will be back to it’s normal schedule next week!

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