Horror of Horrors: The Little Shop of Horrors

It’s been a long time since I have watched this movie. I mean, a long time, like at least 16 years (wow I am old). But I remember enjoying it fondly at the age of 15 so I was excited to tackle it again. And it is only appropriate that this amazing film be featured as a horror of horrors, because even with its comedy elements it is quite a terrifying film in many ways. What is not to love about a human-eating monster plant?Little-Shop-of-Horrors_2

Where to start? I am not normally a fan of musicals, but you have to admit the title theme song is great. And the characters of this film are just phenomenal.

So let’s start with Seymour Krelborn, played by Rick Moranis. Who doesn’t love Rick Moranis?! I mean, this guy was the epic nerd of the 80’s, and he does not fall short of that standard in this movie as Seymour. He plays a nerdy orphan in the slums of NYC that has been taken under the wing of a florist. Of course, he continually trips on his own feet, breaks things, and messes up flower orders. But he has a way with “strange and interesting plants”.



Then there is Audrey, the blonde dame of the film. Yes, she has to be called a dame, just watch the movie and you will know why. I don’t think I have ever seen someone who talks like this ever in my life. That high pitched, squeaky mouse voice is just one in a million. She is Seymour’s secret love interest and co-worker. Of course she starts out the film sporting a black eye and is not very good at hiding the fact that she is in an abusive relationship.

Now to the main character: Audrey II. Of course Seymour named his adorable plant after the girl of his dreams, his flower shop co-worker. This adorable baby starts out as a cute little plant that could fit in the palm of your hand, but it becomes obvious this plant is going to a dark road seeing it chomp no Seymour’s hand for a drop of blood the first time. Rewatching it brought chills down my spine, such an adorable little monster ready to amputate a hand.


Then there is Steve Martin’s character, the most sadistic monster of a boyfriend ever. His opening lines are about how he tortured animals as a children, so naturally his mother realized what he would be good at: be a dentist! I mean, what better profession for someone who loves to cause pain?! I always felt that way about my childhood dentist too, but this just confirms it. Dentists are deep down devils. And this dentist, Orin Scrivello, DDS, is a scary mother-fucker, pretty much spending his day high on nitrous gas as he haphazardly injects people with novicaine and rips out their teeth. Naturally it makes sense that he is also the man that’s been beating Audrey. I am not sure what makes this character more vile, his domestic violence tendencies or the near orgasm he has every time he tears open someone’s mouth for a dental cleaning.


As we move on Audrey II’s need for blood grows stronger, but she grows even quicker. Eventually she breaks out in to song and convinces Seymour to kill for his growing appetite. Of course it’s easier to be convinced when the plant explains you can start with only feeding him foul people like the dentist. And Orin actually overdoses on nitrous killing himself, so the only dirty work Seymour has to do is chop up the body and feed it part by part to Audrey II. Wow that’s a creepy scene, all song and dance as Seymour throws the plant pieces of bloody leg.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot Bill Murray plays a role in this film: the perfect partner for the dentist. Murray is a sick and twisted masochist that gets off on dental induced pain. Wow, Bill Murray. He really may be one of my favorite actors.


So again we are back to this being the weirdest musical one could imagine. Now top it all off, I watched the director’s cut, which involved the eventual ingestion of Seymour and Audrey by the plant, and then the plant’s spreading of its seed throughout the entire world towards world domination. Wow. Talk about depressing and a horror for the human race! Of course, if you want a more tasteful ending you can watch the theatrical version, which the director revised with a happy ending for all those that did not want the plant to win.


Overall this movie is like a mixture of Grease, Avenue Q, and The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I am glad I re-watched it, but next time I might stick with the theatrical ending rather than the director’s cut.

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  1. I love this musical. I also hadn’t seen it since I was a teenager but, my wife and watched it over the summer and became obsessed with it. It’s now one of my favorites. Great music, absurd and hilarious story PLUS Rick Moranis & Steve Martin. You can’t go wrong with that!

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