Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Gorn

Trekkies take comfort in this weekend’s creature comforts, as I delve in to a species that all your Star Trek TOS fans can get behind: today I talk all things Gorn.

I just love these old school costumes, don't you?

I just love these old school costumes, don’t you?

Have you ever heard of an extraterrestrial, humanoid, reptilian species? Probably not, there are not many after all. But this species stars in the episode titled “The Arena” and probably became the most memorable humanoid, reptilian alien of all time when it battled it out with Kirk.


can you feel the love tonight?

Interestingly there is not a whole lot about this species out there on the web-universe. But we do know from what is said in the episode that The Gorn are extremely strong and that their government is a military one. While stronger than humans, the species is a bit slower and less agile than humans. Being humanoid they are about the same height but have green, slimy skin (making it easy to dress up as one for the show of course). They are also cold blooded and prefer warm climates because of it. Like many reptiles they have simple ear holes as ears, but also possess a mouth full of sharp teeth. And lastly they possess compound eyes like those we most commonly see on insects.

Despite their slowness and odd appearance, the race is also very intelligent and their technology is slightly more advanced than those possessed by humans. Since TOS the species has made many popular appearances in videogames, as well as a showing on Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. While it may be many years before I get to those shows, I look forward to seeing the Gorn again in all their glory.


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