S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Up: Heavy is the Head

agents-of-shield_612x380Greetings Evil Geek Marvelites! Last week Agents of SHIELD came back for a brand new season and right away things got INTENSE! We were introduced to the brand new SHIELD, headed by director Phil Coulson, we got caught up on whatever everyone was up to (becoming a badass, being an insane prisoner, being half a vegetable with hallucinations of a lost love, you know, typical summer stuff), and we were introduced to a brand new baddie: Carl “Crusher” Creel, better known as the Absorbing Man. It was a big first episode and the second one manages to pick up right where the first left off. Let’s talk espionage!

1411674293Creel is instantly back this episode and ready for action as he attacks the team responsible for transporting the 084 from last week to safety.  Sigh…Lucy Lawless, your stint on this show was criminally too short. I was hoping that we’d have Xena around for a while to kick ass as part of Coulson’s team, but sadly that won’t be happening no thanks to the Absorbing Man whom leaves Lance Hunter as the sole survivor of the incident.  Creel gets his hands on the 084 and the scamble is on to control the artifact. Between SHIELD, Hydra, the US Military (led by the ever douchey Brigadier General Glenn Talbot) things are crazy enough, but a new mystery player, who we find out a little more about at the end of the episode. takes the field and they’re being represented by a familiar face. Reina, the girl in the flower dress/lackey for the Clairvoyant from last season, returns to be as sinister and mysterious as she always is.  The addition of Hydra last season really brought this show to life and while they’re still a welcome presence, I was glad to see Creel thrown into the mix this season as I think he represents an element that this show absolutely needs: supervillains. When we heard there was going to be a SHIELD show, none of us really expected the Avengers to be hanging around every week, but that doesn’t mean this show shouldn’t be without superpowered individuals.  Marvel has a massive back log of really great villains and this show could be a real showcase for the cinematic U’s version of those baddies,  Just like with the Avengers, I’m not expecting Galactus or Thanos to show up every week, but think about all the B and C listers that would be great supervillains for SHIELD to tangle with. Having more super powered characters like Creel on the show would be a step in the right direction from a show that has been making an abundance of steps in that very same direction  lately. MOAR SUPERVILLAINS PUH_LLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!

As I mentioned earlier, Talbot is still in the mix and man does he REALLY not like Phil Coulson.  Talbot is pretty one-dimensional so far as villains go, he just wants to Coulson down because that’s what Uncle Sam asked him to do. There’s not much depth to him other than being a tried and true company man, but Adrian Pasdar plays him, adding another element to this show that I believe is needed.  He’s not the big bad, or even any kind of bad at all, he’s just working against Coulson because technically Coulson is a wanted criminal. He’s kind of the General Ross to Coulson’s Bruce Banner. He may not be the main threat, but he’ll always be there as a force keeping our heroes on their toes and on the move. As powerful a foe as Talbot has the potential to be, he simply will always be outmatched by Coulson as evidenced by the final scene of the episode. Phil approaches Talbot with a genuine offer of assistance to defeat Hydra, all while making Talbot look like the big hero in the process in exchange for having the Military lay off of SHIELD for a little bit. The short-sighted Talbot refuses in the most smarmy, jerky way possible, but still it’s Coulson who has the last laugh. Try as hard as you’d like Talbot, you’ll never be the man the Coulson is.

136584_7620_pre3-630x419It’s still pretty heartbreaking to see Fitz in this episode.  He’s fighting his ass off, trying to regain all of his faculties, but despite that struggle he just isn’t the brain he once was.  I like that they paired him with Henry Simmons’ Mack, as Mack seems like both a student to Fitz and at the same time a caretaker.  He’s smart and capable, but he knows he isn’t on the same level that Fitz was on before Ward tried to off him.  He’s there to be a replacement of sorts to Fitz while also helping Fitz try to be useful to the team. Fitz is the one who eventually figures out how to defeat Creel, but he never would’ve gotten to the solution without Mack.  I desperately want to see the old Fitz back in action and more importantly, I really wish Simmons would come back. I truly believe she’s the key to getting him back to 100%.

Today on the Phil Coulson Podcast Experience brought to you by Stamps.com, Kyle MacLachlan stops by!

Today on the Phil Coulson Podcast Experience brought to you by Stamps.com, Kyle MacLachlan stops by!

Remember the mystery player I mentioned before, who was also trying to get their hands on the 084? Well we finally get to meet them towards the end of the episode. This is the person that Reina is currently working for, so clearly they can’t be on the up and up, right? Reina is talking with them at the end, when they finally step out of the shadows we see that it’s Kyle MacLachlan, otherwise known as The Captain from How I Met Your Mother.  It’s looking like he may be the big bad this season, but he’s already playing a HUGE role in the life of one of the members of Coulson’s team.  Trying not to be spoilery, but it looks like someones long-lost relative will be making themselves known soon. Stay with us this season for all the latest info on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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