Ep 092 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: Return To Dimension X – Chris Claremont’s X-Men Part 3


In this final installment of Martian Luthor Kang & Biff’s discussion on Chris Claremont’s defining run as X-Men writer we turn our gaze to the future. The future that never was. Since Claremont’s departure from the franchise in 1991 he has openly discussed his plans for what was to come next and story lines that were intended for the future of the X-Men. We’ve gathered up everything we had access to and attempted to make a coherent time line of what was to be. We also take a look at what Claremont actually did when he was given the chance to pick up where he left off with these characters in X-Men Forever 18 years later. Get your headphones handy and get ready to experience Chris Claremont’s vision for an X-Men timeline that could have been.

(You can listen to part 1 here and part 2 here)

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