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Oh hello, Internet, I didn’t see you come in. How does this morning find you? That’s good to hear… oh, I’m doing quite well, thanks for asking. I recently acquired a new piece of art. No, I didn’t visit that gallery exhibition downtown, although I hear they had some delightful pieces; This was a work I commissioned from two of our generation’s greatest masters:  Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness. You may recall that in the past I have tasked them with recreating some of my favorite nerd culture images, yes? This one is almost undeniably the finest of those works. Here is the classic, (if amateurishly illustrated) original.

photo 3

An iconic cover and an unforgettable moment in the history of comics. Green Lantern sort of dickishly reveals to Green Arrow that his ward Speedy is on the horse.

Almost immediately my artists returned their glorious reproductions of this “work of art”.

photo 2

A keen eye may notice that Biff Tannen has adopted an almost photo realistic style for this drawing. Experts suggest that he has evolved from his looser “round period” style of art, and while I’m reluctant to see it go I’m excited for what lies on the horizon. Notice the almost human shape to the face on Speedy in the foreground? It brings Tannen’s earlier work into sharp contrast, but only time will tell us which style will be more appreciated.

photo 1

Harkness’ rendition is beautifully symbolic. Speedy’s posture and pained grimace remind the observer of Hugo’s Quasimodo. Perhaps the ward of the Emerald Archer was, in his own way, raised high in a tower created by his benefactor’s inimitable flair and dynamism.  Is Oliver Queen partly to blame for the plight of his sidekick? Furthermore, do I detect a touch of Tom Selleck in the face of cosmic policeman Hal Jordan? I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this were the artists’ intention.

Not in the least.

The recently repaired Collabtron device hungrily swallowed up these originals and, with an almost sexual moan, ejected this perfect amalgam of their beautiful forms.

photo 4

I would say it belonged in a museum, but no such structure could contain its majesty. I suggest that Pope Francis replace the tired and aging ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with this more modern work of unspeakable glory. It would certainly class the joint up a bit.

Until next time, old bean.

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