Ep 090 – A Brief History of Time Travel



Greetings time-travelling Evil Geeks! We’ve got a special bonus podcast for you this week as Gisella Bustillos and Wanda Bertram, the director and producer of the new documentary A Brief History of Time Travel stop by the Evil Lair to talk about their latest project and who their favorite time hopping heroes are as Biff Tannen, C-Mart, Lilith Assisi, Martian Luthor Kang, and Undies of Wondy try to keep their heads from exploding with temporal madness. Right after you’re done listening, make sure you head over to Kickstarter and help get this incredible documentary get off the ground! If you don’t donate and then regret it later, you’ll just have to hop in your personal chrono-skimmer to run back in time and make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be an integral part of making this film!

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