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It’s Doctor time, Evil Geeks! Last week we saw the new Doctor learn how to be a hero again from none other than Robin Hood, but before one can go about being a hero, there’s an emotion that one must master first: Fear. If you can’t overcome various fears (i.e. being alone, the dark, clowns) then you simply aren’t hero material. The Doctor has traversed all of time and space, so clearly he’s completely mastered fear and there’s nothing he’s scared of, right? Right???

Doctor-Who-Listen-pic4The Doctor finds himself deep in ponderance; questioning why if there are animals that are perfect hunters or have developed perfect defenses, then what if there was an animal that perfected the ability to hide? If such a creature existed and it had in fact mastered the art of concealment, then logically we would never even know it existed. It would be so good at hiding, that we’d never be able to know it was there in the first place and as a result, we’d never be alone. There would always be the chance that whatever it is that is so good at hiding, could be right there with us and we’d never suspect a thing. Every time you’ve ever sworn that you put something down one place only to have it disappear, would have been the work of this creature. Every bump in the night, every monster you’re sure was hiding under your bed, all would be the handy work of this ghostly menace.

Doctor-Who-Clara2Nocturnal monsters aren’t the only thing people are afraid of though. Our everyday lives are also filled with occasions in which we’re confronted by certain fears, such as fear of awkward situations. And speaking of awkward situations, Clara and Danny are on one hell of an awkward date. Everything starts out well and good enough, but soon Clara makes a remark in jest that he misinterprets, causing him to take offense. Danny thinks Clara is making fun of his pacifist ways, which are a result of a traumatic event during his time in the army. Something clearly horrible has happened to Danny in the past and it would seem that he’s afraid that he’s never going to escape whatever that was. He’s scared that he’ll have to face it every single day, which he may very well have to. We don’t know what the event was that scarred Danny’s psyche so badly, it may have been something where he was negligent or clearly at fault, or maybe he’s being unnecessarily too hard on himself? Whatever the reason is, the misinterpreted joke leads to an abrupt ending to the date, with Clara leaving. Both Danny and Clara are left to fear that each of them respectively are to blame for the end of the date and most likely the just forming relationship as well.

listen-hand-bedClara returns home only to find that the Doctor and the Tardis are both hanging out at her place. The Doctor wants her to accompany him on his search for the hidden monster and tracking the beastie down will involve going to a certain point in Clara’s childhood. The Doctor surmises that at some point in there lives, everyone has a dream in which something is lurking under their bed. What if it wasn’t a dream and instead something that happened in real life which you were convinced was a dream? If they can go to the point in her life, when Clara had the dream, then she and the Doctor can confront it.  The Doctor hooks Clara up to the TARDIS’ telepathic controls, but with her being fresh off the disastrous date with Danny, she’s a little distracted and they end up jumping into various points in Danny’s life.  Without giving TOO much away, let’s just say that when they jump into Danny’s far off future, perhaps the date from hell wasn’t the end for Danny and Clara after all.

listenTo be quite honest with you, this was a REALLY trippy episode that wasn’t really doing much for me until the end of it.  Fear is undoubtedly a powerful force that can keep you from doing things, but at the same time if you can manage to overcome fear, it can be a driving force in your life for good. As the Doctor is quick to point out, fear is rocket fuel for your brain. It can make you stronger, make you run faster, drive you to do things you never thought possible.  It can even compel you to become a time-hopping, universe travilling, Time Lord.  We find out that the creature the Doctor and Clara have been chasing isn’t so much a monster as it is the Doctor’s own fear. We get a glimpse into the origin of the Doctor and we find out that a certain location in The Day of the Doctor had some real significance in the Doctor’s life on Gallifrey, in his pre-TARDIS days.  Just like when Clara entered the Doctor’s timestream in The Name of the Doctor, we find out that Clara had a hand in creating the Doctor that we know and love today.


The ending of the episode really resonated with me and in essence the entire episode really is about what the Doctor is to millions of young fans. He’s the thing that will keep the monsters under your bed at bay or the one who will save you when you’re most afraid. He’s the shining example of how we can overcome fear to keep it from holding us back and instead using it to make us greater.  For that, we will always love and appreciate having the Doctor in our lives.

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