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Sorry folks, I don’t have a creature comforts post for you today, but I do have a review of one of the latest retired seasons of Vampire Diaries, which is certainly a show full of creatures. Yes I am a little embarrassed to admit that I fell for Vampire Diaries. But as my previous posts on the show have discussed, it really has a fun backstory with long-lived vampires, witches, and werewolves. It even has vampire-werewolf hybrids! So I could easily drown out the obnoxious love triangle between Stefan, Elena, and Damon. That is until this season. Continue forward for a spoiler-laden update on the most recently retired Vampire Diaries season.TVD-Season4-EXCLUSIVE-Wallpapersby-DaVe-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-33480765-500-375

 We left off in Season 3 with Elena’s worst nightmare coming true: she had inadvertently been made in to a vampire. And Klaus, the vampire-werewolf hybrid from the original family of vampires, had cheated death yet again. So we start off this season trying to see how Elena copes with the transition to the undead.

please be better then Kristen Stewart...pretty please?

please be better then Kristen Stewart…pretty please?

Initially she seems fine, retaining her original behaviors and emotional yet compassionate personality. But strange things start to happen to her: she can’t seem to digest any human or animal blood regularly, and only tolerates eating blood directly from the vein of humans. She also has a strange new obsession with Damon that goes far beyond her previous adoration with him. And poor Stefan is left on the side of the road because of this.


The start of the season, focusing on Elena’s pathetic love triangle instead of her amazing new super-human powers, was probably the first part of this season that I disliked. And as much as I like Damon and Stefan both, Elena’s torture of both boys and inability to chose and stick with one was frankly obnoxious.

Luckily there were some new characters and backstories to introduce this season as well. One of these new characters was Shane, a mysterious, insanely young, and of course attractive outsider that arrives in Mystic Falls as an expert in the supernatural, playing himself off as a history professor on the subject. Of course he has a lot more knowledge than that, and reveals that he knows of a nearby hidden crypt where an immortal man is dessicating, holding the cure to vampirism in his rotting hands.


This sounds great to a lot of people, in particular Stefan wants it to be a way to make Elena human again and to become human along with her. Of course, it is soon revealed that Elena is sired to Damon (meaning since his blood turned her she has an obsession and sick obedience to him), so Elena wants nothing to do with the cure.

But along with the possibility of a cure comes a new set of vampire hunter characters. Turns out there was a clan of 5 vampire hunters that not only are destined to kill as many vampires as possible, but are assigned the task of eventually killing Silas the immortal, evil master as well. The interesting twist with this side story was that Jeremy eventually is revealed to be one of those hunters, and so he joins the supernatural ranks and helps our team find Silas in order to kill him.


Sadly a lot goes wrong, and for probably the fifth time Jeremy is killed. This episode was one of the few this season that I really enjoyed. You see, Jeremy was given a supernatural ring from his family that made it so no supernatural being could kill him. Whenever a vampire or a werewolf sucked him dry or snapped his neck he would magically reawake within 24 hours thanks to the power of the ring. But once Jeremy became a hunter he was suddenly considered supernatural himself, and Silas drains Jeremy dry to rise from his comatose state, killing him. Now I really like Jeremy, so I was super sad to see him go, but what I really liked about this episode was the denial of Elena that he was dead. She took his body home and laid him in bed, and patiently awaited his return to the living since the ring had brought him back so many times before. Meanwhile, his body starts to rot and putrify since he really is truly dead. Eventually all of this comes rushing in and Elena has to accept that her last living relative has too been killed by the supernatural world that she is a member of, and she has a total breakdown in the process. Tear-jerking meltdown folks. The only way that she snaps out of it is when Damon, realizing he is sired to her and can control her actions, forces her to shut her humanity off.

Stand by Me

Throughout the rest of the season after this moment we do see Elena go off the deep end without her humanity, the Damon-Stefan-Elena love triangle gets more annoyingly complicated, and we watch these pathetic high schoolers try to remain “normal” during their senior year, still attending prom and their graduation despite all that has happened. Again, that part of this season had me bored and unimpressed.

Then there is the spin-off “original vampire” storyline involving Klaus traveling to New Orleans to face some new tribulations (aka his now pregnant werewolf one night stand) and have some arguments with old friends (like Marcel, the vampire he turned 100 years ago that now has the city over-run with vampires). This part of the season was fun, especially when Elijah, my favorite original vampire, got involved. And that is probably why the CW decided to make a spin off show on these vampires specifically, titled of course “The Originals”.


But back to our pathetic teenagers, through a series of events in the last 2 episodes Bonnie is forced to lower “The Vail”, a barrier that keeps the dead supernatural in a separate plan from the living. During that brief period when her spell is working we are reunited with a massive amount of lovable characters. Elena gets her humanity back as she is given a family day with Alaric and Jeremy. (I do have to ask though, where was Jenna?). Seeing Alaric and Damon, the ultimate vampire hunting bromance reunite, was heart-warming. Of course a lot of the characters that got brought back were ones we wanted to see stay dead. But Stefan’s best friend Lexi comes back to play the supportive role for her bff, and overall this episode was one of my favorites. Ultimately Bonnie sacrifices herself so that she can bring back Jeremy from the dead permanently, and in the last fight scene of the season Elena stuffs the vampire cure in to Catherine’s mouth, forcing her to become human again. And probably what a lot of viewers were waiting for…Elena choses her man, and choses Damon. Yup, I was so over the show by that point.


Now I probably will continue onwards and watch the next season of the show once it is retired, but for now I just want to say the show had a little too much teenage drama and not enough action this season. But I am also curious to see how the spin off show “The Originals” fares since those characters were some of the better ones this season. Until next time fangbangers!

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