Evil Movie Review: The Lost Future

Welcome back science fiction loving geeks! I decided to watch yet another post-apocalyptic, science fiction filled delight this week. And I just couldn’t resist watching a movie purely for the reason of finding out at the end whether or not Sean Bean survived. Continue forward for my review of this movie but beware of spoilers.


I think I found this movie the way I find many low budget science fiction disasters: as a recommendation on Amazon.com. Yes, the website realizes that I enjoy science fiction and independent films, so occasionally it will tell me about some random movie that I would never otherwise have heard of. This movie was one of those flicks.


And the cover to the blu-ray looked like a perfect mix-up: prehistoric creatures, a beautiful post-apocalyptic and futuristic setting, and the ever famous Sean Bean. Sadly I should have left it at that and not purchased the movie, even if it was less than $10. Or I should have realized that any movie less than $10 should not be trusted…

So let me set the scene that the movie does in its first ten minutes. We are in a beautiful wooded area following what appears to be a group of English speaking cavemen. The group decides to try to take down a prehistoric sloth-like creature and succeeds. Now I must report that this scene was the only one in the entire movie to contain any creatures or colossus beasts. Yup, ten minutes in and what got me so excited about the film was already over, and wasn’t even that great after all.


After that lackluster opening scene we see the introduction of the real villain in this movie: some crazed, rage infected human that seems to be a combo between a zombie and a rabid dog. This is the center of the story for this movie: the cause of the world’s post-apocalyptic state is because of this raging virus that has wiped through the majority of the human population. But there may be a cure, or at least a vaccine. One that can be made and replenished by our main male character who happens to be one of the few remaining literate people. And no, that character is not Sean Bean, but his character is the one that tells the boy of his special power and leads him to massive reclaimed urban area where he can steal and remake the pressure yellow powder to save people from the virus.


I sadly don’t really have enough adjectives to describe how awful this movie was. The acting was atrocious, even Sean Bean trying to channel Boromir was horrible. The outfits were abysmal, being worse than the Halloween outfits my mother put together when I was a grade-schooler. And the story line was erratic. Is the virus airborne or isn’t it? I still don’t know. It was impossible to tell throughout the movie how much time and distance had passed throughout the movie. The esteemed salvation, the “yellow powder” being carried in what looked like it was a magic staff, once stolen suddenly seemed endless, being able to save an entire village.

I will leave one spoiler unrevealed for you: you will have to suffer through the entire movie to the very last moment to know whether or not Sean Bean’s character survives.

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  1. this is the best fucking movie I’ve ever seen I don’t care what you say

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