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Greetings Whovians of the Evil Lair! If you possessed the ability to travel to any point throughout history, it’d be hard not to spend an enormous amount of time traveling through time in a quest to meet some of your true life heroes. How cool would it be to talk to General George Washington, fresh off of winning the Revolutionary War? Or maybe hitting up Julius Caesar’s coronation party? Eventually after meeting so many of these legends, you’d get to a point where you realize that much of what you’ve been told to be true about these people is nothing more than inflated fiction. The myths behind these heroes is exactly just that: myth. Now image the reverse happening, meeting someone who you’ve been told is a fictional character, but finding out that everything you’ve heard about them is in fact real? Well this week, the Doctor meets Robin Hood and we’re treated to one of the rare instances where the Doctor is wrong about something.


The Doctor is convinced that Robin Hood is nothing more than a fictional character, invented long ago by a people oppressed by their rulers, looking for a symbol of hope.  When Clara tells the Doctor that she wants to meet the legendary outlaw, he basically only goes to Sherwood Forest in order to prove to her that the archer never existed. Lo and behold, the very first person the Doctor and Clara encounter upon reaching their destination is one, very much alive and not fictional, Robin Hood.  The Doctor immediately suspects that some sort of ruse or chicanery is at hand and immediately sets out to uncover the truth.

Doctor-Who-Robot-of-Sherwood-Jenna-Coleman-Tom-RileyClara is immediately smitten with the bandit, having grown up loving the story of the forest dwelling rogue and his merry men. The Doctor on the other hand is much less impressed with the bowman and is determined to find out what is really happening. Peter Capaldi’s already delightfully, dickish Doctor is especially dickish to Robin not only because he suspects he is a robot or some other construct, but also most likely because the two men are essentially 2 sides of the same coin, causing some friction between the two.  When the trio of the Doctor, Clara, and Robin are captured by the nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham, it’s great to see the rivalry between the two men become greater with each passing second as they each try to one up the other one.  The competition gets so petty and heated that Clara volunteers to be interrogated first, just to get away from the two bickering heroes. The Doctor really doesn’t trust Robin and Robin doesn’t trust the Doctor, which is ironic seeing as how they are both so similar.  Eventually the two men set aside their differences so that they can focus on the real threat, the Sheriff… and his army of trusty, peasant killing robots.  It would seem the good Sheriff has come across a spaceship, which he plans to use to usurp the throne of England one fiefdom at a time.

ben-miller-doctor-who Unlike most GI Joe vehicles, the Sheriff’s spaceship comes with it’s own accessory figures, in the form of laser cross firing robots. The robots are being used to keep prisoners in line as well as force them to produce gold for the Sheriff, who unbeknownst to the prisoners, is using the gold to create new circuitry to replace the damaged circuits on his ship.  The Doctor warns him that the damage to the Sheriff’s ship is too great and if he tries to fly the ship it will explode, taking half of the UK along with it.  The look of the robot knights was pretty cool, their faces reminded me of Voltron a little bit, but they seemed a little to similar to the Cybermen in my opinion. The same holds true for the baddies from the first episode of the Capaldi era; they also seemed like low rent Cybermen, so I’m hoping that we’ll start to see a little bit more variety from future baddies of the week.


I have to say that out of this season’s initial 3 episodes, this one was my favorite by far.  I loved the swashbuckling, light hearted feel of the episode. We’ve been warned that this season was going to be dark, but this episode wasn’t overly heavy. Although the frequent attempts by the writers to interject more humor in the show is growing to be a bit tiresome.  I didn’t mind it in the first episode, with Strax providing much of the comedy relief, but I think they’re starting to get little carried away with it.  I could’ve done without the scene in which the Sheriff absent-mindedly tries to punch one of his armored drones, then winces in pain upon making contact.  The thing that absolutely made this episode for me though was the exchange between Robin and the Doctor before the Doctor and Clara depart. The Doctor tells Robin that he will eventually be forgotten as a person and will be known as a fictional hero in the future. Although slightly disheartened upon hearing the news, Robin informs the Doctor that the Doctor may be in the same boat as him. People will question if the Doctor is real as well, but in spite of that, they should both continue on leading the risky, adventure filled lives that they do because even if they aren’t remembered as actual people their legends can inspire other people to be like them. I thought that scene absolutely nailed the reason why people not only love the Doctor, but all superheroes as well. We admire them not only because of the good that they do, but also because of their ability to bring out the best in others. They are the shining lights keeping the darkness at bay in a world filled with evil and each person they touch has the potential to burn just as bright as they do.  I can’t think of a better way to sum up why I’m so addicted to this show.  See you next week, Evil Geeks and remember: try to be more like the Doctor. Just maybe not as dickish as Capaldi though.

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