Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Geonosians

Another weekend of recovery for Lilith here, still another 3 weeks before I can return to work while my knee heals from surgery, so what did I delve in to this past weekend? Why a Star Wars Marathon of course! Sounds like the appropriate thing to do. The difference this time is I started with the prequels, which is a rarity for me. Yes, I obviously am a purist and prefer the original series, but I thought it might be time to re-watch the prequels being that I have an insane amount of free time on my hands. So today I want to talk about one of my favorite species from the prequels: the Geonosians.9-4jpzmg

The Geonosians are also commonly referred to as Geos, or bugs (sounds like other species we have talked about here, right?), are an insectoid alien species from what planet? Yes, you guessed it, Geonosis. Similar to the formics we talked about last week these aliens live in catacomb-like hives below the ground on their home planet.

Turns out the exoskeleton they have makes them mildly resistant to the radiation that regularly strikes their planet, but living below ground helps them survive too. Unlike the bug species we are familiar with from Earth these buggers have four legs instead of six, and they have a pair of wings on their back. They have super agile toes that allow them to grab on to and cling to rocks.


And while they don’t have a hive mind in the same sense that the other insectoid alien species we have talked about do, the Geonosians typically split themselves in to two classes: aristocratic leaders and warrior drones. There is a queen as well but we never get to see one of those where the species makes its debut in Attack of the Clones. In this movie the Geonosians are the hosts for building the droid army used by the Confederacy. And I will say their species was one of the reasons I enjoyed this movie, helping me get past the horrific acting by Anakin.

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