Villain Spotlight: Lestat de Lioncourt

Welcome back bloodsuckers, today Lilith is spotlighting a true paragon of vampires. Let’s face it, vampires, male and female versions alike, can be inherently sexy. But personally I am not an overly huge fan of those brooding, penitent characters that have become the heroes of so many stories. That’s right fangbangers, you can keep your Edwards and Angels, and I would just as soon give away Bill Compton and Stefan Salvatore. What I am looking for in a bloodsucker is just that: a villain, a schemer, and a murderer; especially one who can be sexy and smart about it. That’s what vampires are supposed to be to me. And so today I want to spotlight a hero among the succubus, a vampire villain who set the bar for all others to come: Lestat de Lioncourt.


Lestat not only plays the part of a perfect vampire, but looks the part too. He is about 6 feet tall, with shoulder length, curly blonde hair, and a smile that becomes the devil himself. His main special powers as a vampire are rapid healing and telepathy. interviewwiththevampirethevampirechroniclesgroovymatter12312312321123435434

Lestat has many personality traits that would make him a sinful man, that is if he were not immortal. He is vain and obsessed with wearing the height of fashion. He is narcissistic and enjoys being the center of attention, whether it be in a rock band where he is the lead singer or being the life of a ball in Paris dedicated to the president. And he is a man of passion and fulfillment, considering himself a bisexual and embracing the fulfillment of any lust he might have as it crosses his mind. He is extravagant in every way, initially showering his mortal relatives and friends with secret money and gifts after being turned in to a vampire.

Lestat always gets what he wants.

Lestat always gets what he wants.

Lestat embodies vampirism and comes across as a confident, defiant, conquering individual. He even inherits the nickname “The Brat Prince” from fellow senior vampires, but rather than be offended by this nickname he instead wears the title with pride.

You can of course read about the adventures of Lestat in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series. I was surprised to find out that Rice’s husband actually inspired her first depiction of Lestat, and later she confessed that the character became a hybrid with elements of both herself and her husband in him. But my first encounter of this character was in the movie Interview with a Vampirelestat-interview-with-the-vampire-27197128-1200-795-anne-rice-announces-new-vampire-chronicle-book

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise by any means, but to this day I feel that his portrayal of Lestat is the favorite role I have ever seen him in. In the role we meet a vampire who wants it all, and takes it all. He indulges in his blood thirst, he searches for companions, he poses philosophical questions just for the sake of starting conversation when all he really cares about is what pleasure he can make up for himself next. And while he seems to just be an overgrown child at the beginning of the film, when Lestat is crossed we see a whole new beast unleashed. One that should not have been messed with. Vengeful Lestat is strong, quick to act, and cruel in exacting his revenge. Like a stellar vampire he won’t hesitate to rip someone’s throat out.


I know with each coming year a new vampire teenage drama will rear its ugly head, but I will continue to pine for the days when Lestat was the villain of the hour. If the current generation can just outgrow their angst we can come back to this epitome of vampirism and villain combined.

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