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Evil Geek Book Report – Robotech/Voltron #1-5

When Dynamite Entertainment first announced a 5 issue Robotech/Voltron crossover I was thrilled. I have a love in my heart for Voltron like few other cartoons from my youth; the concept alone had always been endlessly fascinating to me. Robotech on the other hand is something that I found in my adulthood and it was refreshing that it could fit neatly alongside the cartoons of my youth but also be much more sophisticated. I was hoping this miniseries would be a fun 80’s style crossover, which is not exactly what we got.


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Ep 092 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: Return To Dimension X – Chris Claremont’s X-Men Part 3


In this final installment of Martian Luthor Kang & Biff’s discussion on Chris Claremont’s defining run as X-Men writer we turn our gaze to the future. The future that never was. Since Claremont’s departure from the franchise in 1991 he has openly discussed his plans for what was to come next and story lines that were intended for the future of the X-Men. We’ve gathered up everything we had access to and attempted to make a coherent time line of what was to be. We also take a look at what Claremont actually did when he was given the chance to pick up where he left off with these characters in X-Men Forever 18 years later. Get your headphones handy and get ready to experience Chris Claremont’s vision for an X-Men timeline that could have been.

(You can listen to part 1 here and part 2 here)

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Who Review – The Caretaker

d51-600x333Greetings Whovians! We took last week off but today the Who Review is back and ready to recap all the Gallifreyan news that’s fit to print. Last week saw the Doctor masterminding an elaborate time heist at the far off Bank of Karabraxos and while that tale had a happy ending, this season so far as a whole has been pretty heavy and serious.  However, “The Caretaker” changes things up and brings us something of a lighthearted romantic comedy starring Clara Oswald, Danny Pink, and the biggest third wheel in the universe: the Doctor.

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S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Up: Shadows

Hey True Believers

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and that means that Big Evil and C-Mart are back too…the last time we saw Coulson and company they were wrapping up the whole Deathlok debacle, HYDRA was outed as a splinter cell within the organization, and Nick Fury himself went into hiding and left Phil Coulson in charge as the new Director. So can Coulson and company keep the ship afloat? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

Cover Of The Day 9/25/14


Today’s cover has us going all the way back to 1969 during the X-Men’s initial run and classic first lineup in issue #58. The art chores were performed by the legendary Neal Adams that gives the world a first glance at the character of Havok. While I always thought Havok’s costume was a striking design this is a unique way to show it off. Check out how his helmet peaks over the X-Men logo at the top ever so slightly, it’s a nice little touch to help the perspective.

Neal only ended up doing 9 covers for the X-Men in this time period, most of which could be highlighted here. For me it’s this one that’s the most eye popping and stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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Pulp Corner: The Mercenary Sea Vol. 1

It’s a good time to be a fan of the pulp genre. There has been an explosion in the last few years covering many of the different styles that make it what it is. In my eyes there are basically two camps it can be boiled down to. The costumed vigilantes that grew out of The Shadow or the more Indiana Jones type adventurers that follow in the Doc Savage tradition. While Dynamite Entertainment is publishing endless streams of these golden age pulp characters (mainly of masked vigilante variety), Image Comics is putting out two very solid books which follow more of the traditional globetrotting fortune hunters. The first is Five Ghosts which I honestly can’t say enough about and the other is the reason you’re here, The Mercenary Sea.


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