Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Formics

Last week we discussed The Ood, a phenomenal alien species from the Who Universe, but it got me thinking about more “hive minded” alien species. And what better example than the classic “bugger” species known as “The Formics”? So today we will venture in to the mind and times of Ender Wiggin and discussed The Formic species for our creature comforts spotlight.


You all know how I feel about the book and movie Ender’s Game from previous posts. But certainly the hive-minded alien species of concern in these stories deserves a whole post dedicated to them. The Formics were considered an insect like species that were leaded by queens, though they are different from the insects we know on planet Earth seeing as they are warm blooded and respire with lungs like mammals on our planet.


Much like ants on Earth, there are three main classes of Formics: the queen is naturally the most important and where the hive mind originates from. And the worker Formics are the soldiers we see in both the movie and original novel of the series: the buggers on the front line that are attacking the Earth. But the drones are a subtype of Formic we don’t meet until later in the series: these are small male Formics that stick by the queen’s side from birth and cling to her to keep her alive. When she dies they will fly away and try to find a new queen, unlike the worker Formics that drop dead themselves upon the death of their queen.

the queen

the queen

It would be so easy to fall in to the trap of labeling Formics as mindless invertebrates, but what the Ender’s Game Series does to get you to question your beliefs is makes this species one of the most intelligent species ever encountered by humans. Yes, they are vilified initially for their attack on Earth, but it is soon revealed that they did not know that humans were a like minded species that could be reasoned with, and they come to regret their decision to attack the earth.


The species is given a second chance when Ender is able to find an unhatched queen a new home on a distant planet in the universe. The Formic queen’s ability for telepathy, compassion, and learning is what makes the species one that I would be honored to meet.


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