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Welcome one and welcome all to another edition of the Indie Spotlight. I, of course, am your devourer of souls and filler of holes (ladies) Arthur Harkness, and today I bring to you something that is right up my alley. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of anything and everything that has to do with my adopted ancestral Norsemen, going so far as to leave dishes of cod oil out on my front doorstep every night….just in case. When C-Mart said he was given something that would get my blood going, I immediately thought he was given some goat’s blood or some sort of human sacrifice, unfortunately that was not the case, but fortunately it was something that I would enjoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, come with me as we take a look at a new indie comic titled Jorund by James Mulholland with art by Julio Falkenhagen. Make sure to bring a change of clothes too, as this one is going to be somewhat bloody…like most of my dates.

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Now before we start this, let me explain that the entire comic is not yet available, so this will be more of a preview than a review. That doesn’t mean that it was not enjoyable….far from it.  Jorund tells the tale of a man who is somewhat opposite of the usual depiction of Vikings; non violent, and almost lazy. This immediately got my attention, as it is slightly different from most things I have watched or read about my dear Norsemen. We start out with Jorund looking on as his father is attempting to settle a blood feud with another farmer, something that happens entirely too much in my life. Things don’t go as planned, and Jorund is left staring at the dead body of his father. His mother, who is literally standing feet away from him and was also witness to his death by face crushing, is almost happy that her husband is dead. Something tells me that this battle has a bit more behind the scenes than what we are let on, but obviously you can’t reveal a story’s secrets all at once. What would we have to look forward to? Looks like Jorund’s family lost their honor in some fashion, and Jorund’s mother places the task of regaining their lost honor. Someone just got a shit load of responsibility dumped on them, and he isn’t too happy.

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The story itself so far hasn’t given us much, due to it being a preview, but from what I can tell, we are going to see some blood and possibly some terrible acts of persuasion and coercion. His mother especially is sort of a bitch, and considering it was her husband’s actions that brought some shame to the family, it shouldn’t be Jorund’s place to pick up after his father’s messes. Let the guy have a life of his own. The fact that she uses Jorund’s little brother to almost blackmail him into action makes me want to let her get a close look at the bottom of a quarry. But I digress.


Story aside, one of the first things you will notice is the art style. Personally, I have a feeling some people are going to not like it that much, to which I say I must disagree. I enjoyed it, mainly because it looks almost cartoony, but it does not take away from the seriousness or the violence of the book itself. I find it to be much more brutal when the characters look slightly innocent, and then proceed to smash each other to bloody pieces. Right up my alley. Also, the sheer amount of beards on each page is something to behold. I fucking love it. I felt my own tingle at the sight of it. Perusing the pages, the art style almost reminded a bit of the Amory Wars, which is not a bad thing to be compared to.

Honestly, like I mentioned earlier, it is sort of difficult to form a proper review considering I just got a 16 page preview, but from what I saw/read, I have a feeling Jorund is going to be something to watch. I am not just saying this due to my absolute love of anything Norse, but because I have faith in the story. There is something about regaining honor and figuring out what his father did that is really intriguing to me. Sometimes, the best stories and books are the ones you never heard of. Let’s hope this one gets found quick.

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