Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Ood

Happy Saturday Whovians! I am excited for all you Doctor Who fans that are going to be relishing in the start of the new doctor this season, but I will admit I am a little behind still. I have only made it through Series 4 myself, but wanted to spotlight one of my favorite alien creatures from the series this weekend: The Ood.


I love the Ood for many reasons, but firstly because they are so damn cool looking! I mean really, we all love Cthulhu like creatures. And the Ood are a gorgeous squid faced alien species that is endearing and terrifying at the same time. This species have tentacles on the lower aspect of their face, and communicate with each other telepathically. They use a small “translation sphere” that looks like a light bulb they hold in their hand attached to a cord hooked up to their brain to speak with other non-telepathic species.

An untainted Ood with its hindbrain still attached.

An untainted Ood with its hindbrain still attached.

The Ood naturally come from the home planet of the Ood Sphere in the Horsehead Nebula. The couple amazing episodes I have seen with these creatures so far shows them being a naturally peaceful and helpful species, much like a house-elf. They are creatures that “live to serve” and as such have been enslaved by the human race. But in the episodes I have seen with them they have also become hostile, and for various reasons lashed out against their slave masters, becoming violent and killing people.

The Poor Ood boxed up for shipment like products...

The Poor Ood boxed up for shipment like products…

Of course one of the times this alien race becomes violent, in The Planet of the Ood, we learn a lot more about their “translation sphere”. It turns out this species is born with a hind brain that is external to their skull, and humans had been replacing that part of their connection with each other with the sphere to make them more complacent slaves. Normally their hind brain would keep them connected to a large giant, bodyless brain that is essentially the “queen of their hive”, making them another familiar alien species: one with a hive mind that can communicate as one body even with all their separate entities.

The Ood hive brain.

The Ood hive brain.

And this species really is a peaceful, kind one, even if the humans mutilated and destroyed their overall connectedness. They are empaths and can experience emotions others are experiencing, and as Donna Noble pointed out they are quite a vulnerable species that is fragile and peaceful due to their unique situation of literally having to carry their brain in their hands.

This is a movement animal rights loving Lilith could get behind!

This is a movement animal rights loving Lilith could get behind!

I am sure the Ood will make more appearances in Doctor Who episodes of the future since like Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels this alien species pulls at our heartstrings and moves us in ways others cannot.

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