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Hey there, Evil Geek gang. It hasn’t been that long since the last season of Game of Thrones ended and that means we’re in for a long haul until the next season starts.  Right about now, you’re probably just hitting that first stage of withdrawal pretty hard; itching and scratching for just a little bit more time in the land of Westeros.  You could of course re-watch the entire series so that you’ll be primed and ready to hit the ground running once the new season starts.  That path might be a little too passive for some though. Some people need to be the ones in control, the power behind the throne that is to say.  If you’re one of those shadowy, schemer types with an eye on the Iron Throne then Disruptor Beam has got a game that’s right up your alley.  Game of Thrones: Ascent makes you the lord of your very own fiefdom right smack in the middle of Westeros and lets you get a turn playing the ever vicious, never dull Game of Thrones!

game-of-thrones-ascentGoT: Ascent is more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel than it is a video game.  If you’re looking for some fast paced, battlefield action, then this isn’t the game for you.  This is more of a battle of strategy and diplomacy than it is a battle of muscle.  You start out the game with a basic plot of land and really not much else on it.  You’ve got your main castle where you and your sworn swords dwell.  You earn silver by completing text based quests in which all the major decisions are left up to you and your choices affect the path that you take through the game.  Are you a cunning spymaster or is the brute strength of your army your greatest strength?  Will you barter and bribe your way through a crisis or are you a puppet master secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes through the work of saboteurs?  Ascent lets you run your house in the manner you best see fit, but beware because there will be consequences down the road.  If you choose not to take a fellow noble’s dim witted son under your wing, then the nitwit might return later to slit your throat in your sleep.  Do you ally yourself with the Baratheons at the risk of pissing off the Lannisters. Or are the Greyjoys or the Martels more to your liking. Your daughter’s run off to the woods at the same time you are trying desperately to track down one of the king’s secret bastards. Do you stop the search for your own flesh and blood in order to make sure the king’s kin is safe or do you opt to please the king and end up having your daughter lose a hand while no one searches for her?


Resource management is a key dynamic of the game, particularly when it comes to building up your own castle. You earn silver slowly over time (after you build a counting house of course) but it always seems that no matter how much silver you’re making, it’s always just not enough to get everything you want.  Building up your territory also strengthens your character’s attributes, so should you spend your last remaining sheckels on constructing that stable you’ve had your eye on, spend it on a kick ass sword or some armor, or maybe even blow it all on hiring a new sworn sword who’ll have no problem smacking your enemies all over the battlefield.


Sworn are are your agents in this digital version of Westeros.  You send them out on quests and adventures, which in turn earns you silver and all sorts of other goodies, like boons which will help you out in various ways in battle.  I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and while the quests pop up randomly, I’ve definitely batted through the order and I’m starting to get some repeats.  That cuts into the fun a little bit, but I’m honestly so focused on building up my house that I’m just plowing through the missions to get the silver and the XP.  You can also send your sworn swords out to attack other players houses, but this feature seems to be greatly underused.  I’ve yet to have anyone attack me and I myself haven’t taken to raiding my fellow players houses. That really all boils down to me not wanting to be the one guy who kicks off a game-wide war by attacking someone out of the blue when nobody else is raising their swords against their neighbors. Of course having written this, now the Evil Lair of Westeros will probably be besieged by a  never ending stream of aggressors.  You can also join or create a clan, but again this is a feature that really doesn’t add much to the experience.

20130118_game_of_thrones_ascentIf you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan in addition to being a huge fan of strategy/resource management games then I’d recommend checking out GoT: Ascent.  While you’re trying to forge your own way in Westeros, you’ll get to play through some of the major events of the show (I’m not saying books as this is an HBO licensed product) and make a futile attempt to change things for the better (you’re hearing this review from a man who desperately tried to warn Robert Baratheon that he was perhaps too drunk to fight off a giant wild boar, only to watch Joffrey still manage to worm his way onto the Iron Throne).  If you’re more of a casual gamer though, this one might be a little dry for you, unless that is you’re really into reading your way through a video game. You can check out Game of Thrones: Ascent right now at the iTunes store or on Google Play here.  That’s what’s appening for today Evil Geeks, until we meet again, I bid you GAME ON!

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