Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Bartimaeus Sequence

There are so many amazing science fiction and fantasy novels out there that I want to recommend to my fabulous geeky followers, and so many more that I would want to read myself just in order to share it with you all. Books that bring you to tears, stories that stimulate your mind, novels that leave you questioning your believes and wanting more. But a more rare quality of a novel for me is one that has me laughing out loud. You know, LOL, or ROTFL for you younger folks. Some can induce a smirk or a good chuckle, but it is the rare piece of prose that has you bursting out in laughter until your sides hurt. Today I want to suggest to you a series of novels that did just that for me. The Bartimaeus Sequence is witty, action-packed, and above all a series that will have rolling on the floor with laughter at times. Continue forward for a relatively spoiler free description of this amazing series.


Jonathan Stroud is the author of what started out as an amazing trilogy, and I am happy to report he added a fourth book to the series, a prequel nonetheless, a couple years ago. The series is unique in many ways, but first and foremost it is unique as it is told from mostly from the perspective of its namesake Bartimaeus. What’s so unique about that? Rather than being a magician or a commoner that ascends to the top, Bartimaeus is a demon. Yes folks, a djinni specifically, but a human-hating, foul mouthed, sarcastic, troublesome demon.


Of course, it is not Bartimaeus’ fault that he is on the earth plotting and scheming a way to torture its inhabitants or get back to his demon land known as The Other Place. Good old Bart was summoned there by a human magician, as are all demons. They can’t come and go on our plane as they like, and quite frankly prefer to stay in their comfy demon world that is described almost like a state in the womb. But of course meddlesome human witches and wizards are always looking for ways to harness more power, and using demons as slaves is a perfect way to accomplish these goals.


Throughout the first three novels we meet Nathaniel, a typical over-achieving, spoiled magician that summons Bartimaeus to do his bidding. And like most demons, Bartimaeus is always looking for a loophole. If one part of the spell cast to summon him is wrong, or one part of the binding fails, then Barty can break free of his chains, devour Nathaniel in one gulp, and return to his peaceful Other Place. Those loopholes don’t present themselves easily, and so we follow Bartimaeus on his commanded adventures as he accomplishes the wishes of his master, trying to avoid being killed by rival demons at the same time.


I am sure this sounds rather fun, right? But what about the funny I promised you? Well that is all about Bartimaeus. He is the snarkiest, most sarcastic, cocky, and clever demon you could ever meet. Not only is the story filled with his amazing one liners, but when the novel is being told from the perspective of Bartimaeus (which is about 90% of the time) he also fills the pages with foot notes for you, making references to past experiences or going off on hilarious tangents that make your love for this diabolical demon grow page by page. And at the end of the day, Bartimaeus has a lot more than just a sense of humor as a redeeming quality.
If you are looking for a light-hearted, silly, yet powerful series all in one you really should go check out this series. Bartimaeus is a better crowd pleaser than Seth Rogen and James Franco together.


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