The Return of The Doctor: Arthur’s Dream Match-Ups

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. After a long period of waiting and sitting in such rabid anticipation, the new season of Doctor Who is just a week away, and us Geeks are having a hard time not freezing ourselves in an avalanche to avoid having to wait. Unfortunately, most of us would die ( I, of course, am immortal so I don’t have to worry about that) so we have graciously and humbly decided to just deal with the wait, and sit patiently until the hour finally arrives.

We have already been made privy to a slight taste of what is to come this season in terms of returning villains and characters, but we have also been made aware that this season is going to be darker than previous ones. The only thing I can say about that….is a resounding YESSSSSSS. We are going to get Daleks, we are going to get Cybermen, and we are going to get dinosaurs messing things up, and I can only hope that its just as good as Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. I personally have been trying to steer clear of teasers and info snippets because I don’t want to get overexcited, but with the return of past villains, it sort of got my mind working.

We all know the TARDIS is capable of going through time and space, but sometimes, on rare occasions, it can cross over into other dimensions. This, I feel has been sorely underutilized, but I understand it is for good reason as that could easily bring the series into a different direction that would not be very much in line with the series’ roots. However, it doesn’t stop one from thinking what would and could happen if the Doctor crossed over into other dimensions and universes. After much thinking, I came up with 2 lists of 3 situations. Now before you start, let it be known that these are things that will never happen or appear on Doctor Who….mainly because the world is not yet awesome enough to have it happen. So with that out of the way, let us get on with it. Also, there may be some recurring things from a specific universe that I would love the Doctor to have a hand in, and that is the Dark Tower universe… with it jerks.

COMPANIONS: The Doctor’s companions are usually a huge part of the series. Along the way though, he does meet some people who are not actual companions, but more akin to one episode friends who either impact his life or impact ours in some way. If I had my way, the Doctor would most definitely cross paths with these people.

  1. Roland Deschain and The Ka-tet:


There is something about Roland that is simply haunting and absolute. As we head towards the end of the Dark Tower series, his personality changes from slight asshole to caring father like figure, but still with a touch of his hardened past persona. I would love for the Doctor to meet with him just after he begins to soften up a little bit, but still in his do anything for the Tower phase. Shall we say, right before the Ka-Tet heads for the City of Lud? I think this spot would be most appropriate, and it would give them such a solid backdrop for a solid adventure. Yes, I understand that what happens in the City of Lud is quite a bit darker than what we would be used to seeing in the Whoverse, but inserting someone who abhors violence into such a violent and brutal scene would be amazing. His back and forth with Roland would be the stuff of legend, as they are both wise and willing to do anything to do what they feel is right. Also, this could set up something that would give me the biggest of all nerd boners, which we will get to later. Also, I would love to see how the Doctor gets along with Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy. My brain is crying right now knowing this will never happen.

  1. Green Lantern:

green lantern doctor who

Imagine this. A hole opens up in the fabric of the universe, and even though the TARDIS escapes being dragged into it, something does come out and speeds its way through the front window. A Green Lantern ring hovers before him, and in a moment of pure joy for us, attaches itself not to the Doctor, but to his sonic screwdriver. The ring knows the Doctor isn’t quite himself at the moment, but it knows that with a little bit of time, the Doctor could figure out a way to get the ring itself back to its own universe. The Doctor follows the trail the ring is giving him, and even though he knows it is a terrible idea to go, heads into the other universe to see why the ring is bringing him there. Adventure ensues, and although I have not come up with a specific scenario for after getting there, I know for a fact that giving the Doctor a Power Ring could easily have some very sweet, and very awesome consequences. Just imagine what the sonic could do when given access to the spectrum of will. It is easily one of the most powerful items in the universe, and with a power ring attached to it, the possibilities are endless.

  1. The Walking Dead:

walking who

What would happen if the Doctor was forced into violence of the worst kind? Not for vengeance, not for glory, but for pure survival? Would the Doctor let go his past reserves about getting physical and actually killing something be thrown out the window to survive? Or would he try and figure out a way to deal with the zombie menace without spilling a single drop of coagulated blood? Personally, I would love to see how he would do while still keeping his morals intact. Seeing the Doctor interact and see what this world has done to Rick Grimes and crew would be a sight to behold, and seeing how close he comes to breaking his own sacred vows would be heart wrenching and terrible to watch. I seriously want this to happen, but I am not entirely sure he would leave unscathed. What if he was bit, and after leaving in the TARDIS, he brings the plague somewhere else? A conundrum!!

VILLAINS: With the return of the Daleks and Cybermen, amongst other enemies that have been announced, I was hard pressed to come up with a proper list as there are an innumerable amount of villains I would love to see the Doctor interact with. After much thought though, here is what I have for you.

  1. Blaine the Mono:

blaine 1

I told you guys we would be visiting this more than once. After dealing with the horrors of the City of Lud, our Ka-Tet plus the Doctor are running away and attempting to get to the TARDIS, which has attached itself to Blaine The Mono in an attempt to recharge itself. Blaine is not a chump though, and drains the TARDIS to near death, so now they have no choice but to take Blaine out of the city and figure out a way to get the TARDIS up and running again. Imagine the back and forth between Blaine, Roland and the Doctor during this scene. The sheer malice and terror that Blaine exudes would seriously bother the Doctor and most likely cause him to get seriously pissed at the absolute lack of empathy in Blaine. I would be amazed if the Doctor didn’t at least fuck over Blaine in some fashion before he leaves. I can also see the wonder in the Doctor’s face when they finally reach the Falls of the Hounds. Satan…if you’re out there, please make this happen.

  1. Voldemort:

voldy vs doctor

A brief shout out to whoever drew this. Its so goddamn awesome.

What happens when a man filled with hope and wonder meets a man who is made of nothing but pure hate and spite? A war of words and possible wand vs sonic duel could easily come to fruition. But how would the sonic compete against a wand wielded by the Dark Lord you ask? No one knows. The sonic essentially is an omni-useful tool to the point where it works on nearly anything, except wood that is, but it has never gone up against magic. Maybe it could somehow scramble the potency of the magic coming out of it, and Voldemort would have to resort to something else to fight back? The Doctor is very intelligent, as is Voldemort, but most of the people Voldy has gone up against were not of the intelligence level the Doctor owns. I feel like the Doctor would somehow find a way to overcome the Dark Lord, but not permanently. Also, the fact that Harry Potter has been mentioned on Doctor Who before would make this fantastic. We know the Doctor knows of Harry Potter, and I can only imagine his glee in making it over to that universe. Also, picture the Doctor just giving Voldemort the scolding of his life. I love it.

  1. Cthulhu:

cthulhu wakes

When a man is faced with madness incarnate, what is he to do? The TARDIS lands at the bottom of the ocean after being dragged there due to the TARDIS taking the Doctor where he needs to go rather than where he wants to go, and he is witness to the awakening of one of the Old Ones. Staring face to face with the giant bringer of nightmares, the Doctor is faced with something even he knows he cannot possibly defeat. The Doctor has been scared before, but never like this. The TARDIS, sensing the Doctor is beyond afraid, uses reserve energy to blast itself into an underwater cave where the Doctor awaits his fate. Knowing he cannot possibly go out there, the man who has laughed in the face of danger and death is finally broken and reverts to huddling in a corner like a child. Remembering all of his past experiences, he realizes that the only way to battle madness, is with madness. He spends years in the cave trying to formulate a way to possibly topple this beast, but as he waits and plots, the Old One is busy spreading terror and death across the planet who had no idea he existed. Emerging from the cave, bitter, old and alone, he makes his way towards the beast with arms out wide, and his best face on. There is no way to take it on in actual combat, but he does know that a creature without a brain is just a husk waiting to fall, and in a moment of desperation, materializes the TARDIS inside the head of Cthulhu, and lobotomizes him by opening the doors of the TARDIS inside its head, taking large pieces of it with him. If you know the Doctor well enough, you will know that this is almost the same as killing the creature, and it will most likely drive him further into a dark, personal hell that he may never come out of.  Dark, brutal, and absolutely terrifying.

Well what do you guys think? Would you like to see the Doctor cross over into some of these universes? I know I sure would. I am beyond pumped for the new season of Doctor Who, and if by some chance we are lucky, maybe Steven Moffat reads this list and decides to take one of these ideas and bring it to life. That, my loyal subjects, would be the tits.

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