Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Chitauri

I was watching The Avengers for probably the 12th time this week when I realized I needed to write a post on those crazy aliens that come through the Tesseract portal at the end of the film. There are many shapes and forms, and like in most superhero movies they successfully destroy over half of Manhattan. So today I am going to bring you more details than you could ever desire about this alien species known as the Chitauri.


The Chitauri are actually a well known species seen many times before the movie in the Marvel universe. In the comic world they are a race of shapeshifting species. This species’ goal is to travel throughout the universe and destroy all things disorderly, as well as eliminate freewill which is an abomination in their minds. Their shapeshifting abilities are more important in the comics for this reason, where by eating the brains of their human victims they can then take on their form and help influence and change the course of history towards conquering the earth.


The first time we see the Chitauri in a manner similar to Whedon’s movie version was actually in the TV show The Ultimate Spider-Man where they are plotting to destroy the Earth but are thwarted by the now famous Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

But this species really got famous in the most recent Avengers where an army of them attacks New York City. There they are semi-humanoid, grey-skinned, reptilian creatures that have six fingers and an intricate biomechanical connection to their technology. They don’t have any shapeshifting abilities in this movie version, but my favorite part are their “live troop carriers” known as the Leviathans.


The Leviathans are larger than life legless reptiles encased in armor. They actually remind me of gigantic whales. That might actually be where they get their name since a leviathan is an ancient sea monster. The amount of destruction these creatures can cause as they somehow, unexplainably fly through the air and topple sky scrapers is a bit overwhelming. But they are one of my favorite creatures from the movie.

Guess I better go read up some on these creatures in the Marvel Universe comic world to get my fill of diabolical aliens!

chitauri 2

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