Evil Geek Book Report – Rocket Girl Vol. 1: Times Squared

I’ve been seeing things about the Image series Rocket Girl for a while. The team of author Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder piqued my interest with the idea that a teen cop from an ultra-futuristic Blade Runner esque version of 2013 being sent back to NYC in 1986 to solve a big problem. The covers gloriously evoked the 1980’s and with the trade paperback of the first 5 issues being released, I decided to give it a try.


In the alternate 2013 things are grim. Adults can’t be trusted partly because of the takeover by the corrupt technology company Quintum Mechanics. Due to this, teenagers fill the ranks for the police squads that patrol NYC. Officer Dayoung Johnansson along with her rocket pack and gear volunteers to go back to 1986 to stop Quintum Mechanics at the ground level.


When Dayoung is transported back she’s greeted by a bunch young scientists working for Quintum Mechanics who are both intrigued and terrified. Rocket Girl then becomes a slight fish out of water story, but not really. You spend a lot of time with Dayoung but you don’t really get to feel how different things are for her in the 80’s. She instinctively foils a crime and spends the rest of the issues being chased by the authorities.

This is the major problem with this series you don’t really get to know any of the characters, Dayoung especially since you spend the most time with her. Other than the fact that she doesn’t like what’s happened in the future and that she’s hell bent on fixing it. That’s basically it, which is really kind of hard to truly sympathize and get behind. The scientists are all flat and one dimensional. World building would go a long way; we get a taste of what things are like 2013 far more than we do in 1986 despite 90% of the story taking place in ’86.


I do however like the idea that the main character is very likely attempting to erase the future she lives in. Possibly even destroying herself as a result. That’s some heavy back to the future shit right there. Amy Reeder’s art was a lot of fun and a joy to look at. I’m in love with her costume design for Dayoung’s police uniform and the basis for the name Rocket Girl. Yet, as a whole these first five issues didn’t really pay off for me. Things will likely be revealed down the road, but I’m not interested enough in finding out. This ended up being just a little too lackluster for me.

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