Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Mynock

Happy weekend alien lovers, much like I will never tire of rambling about creatures from Doctor Who, the plethora of monsters to mention from the Star Wars universe seems endless. Our creature feature today has a back story to why I chose today to spotlight it. Continue on for your fill of Lilith’s Creature Comforts.


It’s funny how certain moments in movie history get engrained in to your mind, like the time that the water cups jiggled slowly in the night rain as a T-Rex approached your vehicle, or the moment we realized 28 Days Later had made our childhood nightmare the zombie run. Certain movie masterpieces know just how to time a creature appearance so as to set our arm hair standing straight up, and while the moment a mynock latches on to the outer window of the Millennium Falcon freaking our Leia no longer scares me now, it is something that I think of regularly when faced with dark or foggy windows.


I thought of the mynock again this week. While I prefer to complete my other career during the daytime hours, leaving my nights open for all the nefarious activities required of an Evil Geek, this past week I was somehow cajoled in to working an overnight for the man. And working an overnight in a large and dark hospital can be creepy. I was walking to the opposite end of the hospital to get my midnight dinner out of the break room fridge and as the microwave turned I glanced out the now blackened window panes of the door to the back parking lot. I had this incredible urge to squint my eyes and walk up to the door, and if needed press my face up against the glass to see through the layers of darkness. As I contemplated doing this, hoping to catch a glimpse of a feral cat or maybe even a coyote slinking in to the woods, I thought of how akin this moment was to the one where Leia slithered up towards the window of the Falcon only to have a circular, sucking face latch on to the glass in front of her.

Of course I was sadly not startled by a mynock that night, but maybe that was not because of their lack of existence but more because of a lack of food source for it to feed from. These creatures feed off electrical power or electromagnetic energy after all, which is why they could commonly be found latched on to power cords or other parts of spaceships, leeching the power and destroying the ship’s hyper drive from working properly.


The mynock has large, bat-like wings that allow it to fly towards their unsuspecting spaceship prey, and their sucker-like mouth which is found between their eyestalks could attach themselves tightly to its food course. And where you have one mynock there are probably others, since they prefer traveling in large groups. They are quite a unique species, but naturally they are loathed by many, and referred to as parasites since their feeding sabotaged space travel for many science fiction fans.


I don’t have a ton more to say about mynocks, but I just have to comment that they are such a unique evolutionary species, having developed simply to feed on the plentiful food source of electromagnetic and electrical energy that surged with the advent of space travel. Just another example of natural selection at its best. Later nerds!

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