Evil Movie Review: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

Welcome back to all the conniving, aspiring villains out there. This week I checked out a movie just for you, and me, and all of us wannabe evil schemers out there. A movie that had just a few of my favorite things, from Joss Whedon to touching musical moments, Neil Patrick Harris to Nathan Fillion, and a bit of a mad scientist to top it all off, I had been told again and again that Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog was a movie made for me. In many ways all those co-conspirators of mine were right, so continue forward for a spoiler-laden review of this short 40 minute flick.


The movie starts out introducing our main character, a fellow aspiring mad scientist who calls himself Dr. Horrible, played by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. And Dr. Horrible has a lot more than just villainous plots that make him a perfect evil geek: he is also a blogger! Horrible is trying to get in to the famous Evil League of Evil (who wouldn’t afterall) and used his video blog as a way to stay popular with his fans. So he plans to develop a Freeze Ray to stop time in order to get in to this famous band of villains, but first must steal some wonderflonium to power the special gun. DrHorriblesSing-AlongBlog031

Of course there are two complicating factors that make Dr. Horrible’s mission rather difficult: first there is the fact that he is hopelessly in love with a local girl from his Laundromat named Penny and being caught committing crimes by her is something he would like to avoid. The second factor is Horrible’s arch-nemisis: Captain Hammer. With a name like that none of us would be surprised to see Nathan Fillion embracing this hero’s role. But let’s face it, Hammer has a lot of charm, yet is still quite frankly a pompous ass, as many heroes probably are yet many movies want to skip right over that aspect of being a hero.


Through a series of unfortunate events Penny ends up being asked out on a date with Captain Hammer, and who wouldn’t agree to that? Of course Horrible ends up stalking the two as their relationship grows, but he also befriends Penny at the Laundromat and the two begin spending more and more time together there. Only one afternoon Hammer joins them at the Laundromat and realizes Horrible’s identity (who had been letting Penny call him Billy before then). Hammer reveals he is only sleeping with Penny to spite his enemy Horrible, and that is just the inspiration Horrible needs to exact his revenge on Hammer, especially seeing as how assassination is the most guaranteed way to get him in to the Evil League of Evil.

The Freeze Ray will now be a Death Ray, and in a cruel twist our anti-hero loses his beloved Penny while trying to execute his revenge plan against the Captain. Dr. Horrible gets his well deserved revenge and entry to the Evil League of Evil, but at what cost? He lost the woman he loved without ever having even told her that she was the center of his sick and twisted universe. That was probably my only complaint about the movie: this sad, lose-ended finish that leaves you teary-eyed and wanting more. The good news? Yes folks, the Joss Whedon-Nathan Fillion bromance will continue and the two have promised a sequel to be released sometime in 2015.

best bromance ever

best bromance ever

Just to sum up my thoughts on this short film: the music was enjoyable, the actors and actresses as well as their characters were endearing, and the comedy and irony was well-played. Of course I am looking forward to the sequel!

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