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Let Me Put My Suggestions in You – Rob Liefeld Edition

No, you didn’t misread that title, I’ve got a Liefeld-related recommendation for ya’ll.  Now, allow me to first put all of my cards on the table; This is not a legitimate suggestion of a Rob Liefeld project. No, I come to you this day to hip you to a twitter account that has brought me endless laughter over the last year and change since I discovered it.

Rob Liefeld is a famous man in the comic book world. And he’s famous in an El Guapo sort of way, which is to say INfamous.  However, he’s hasn’t exactly achieved mainstream celebrity (unless you count a certain Levi’s commercial) so it wasn’t too difficult for a hilarious internet prankster to grab Liefeld’s name on Twitter before the …artist… could get it for his own. So, if you’re looking for the dude who did X-Force on Twitter, you’ll wanna follow @RobertLiefeld. If you’re looking for laughs, follow @ROBLIEFELD.  And I have no affiliation with this parody account, I’m just a huge fan.


So goddamn extreme

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That Liefeld Look – BloodKang

As part of the Evil Geeks Liefeld Week festivities, we commissioned a knockoff Liefeld to reimagine the writing staff as awesome early 90s comic characters in the style of ol’ Rob himself.

Today’s subject is Martian Luthor Kang the 117th, now known as BloodKang…

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Liefeld Week Book Report – Youngblood #1


Salutations, Evil Geeks! Liefeld Week is in full, heavily accented pectoral muscle, swing and today we’ve got a time traveling treat for you. The other day BloodKang and I were sitting around the Evil Lair and we came up with an idea we thought would be a hoot.  People from the past are pretty stupid, right? So why don’t we go back in time and blow their minds with something from the future! Like all good scientists, we decided that there would be no better test subjects for this prank-speriment than ourselves.  We spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon finishing off a case of beer and repairing the Evil Lair’s time machine; sure enough it started right up and we were off to the early 90’s to visit our past selves.  We decided to head straight to November 1991, six months before Youngblood #1 would hit the shelves just to see what our newbie minds would think of such drivel.  We were smart kids, surely they’d hate it right? Even inexperienced new comers such as ourselves would be smart enough to know poor artistry when they saw it, right? Right??? After gorging ourselves on Crystal Pepsi, Salsaria Doritos, and Chilitos at Taco Bell, we each went our separate ways, with the mission of tracking down our former selves to pry comic reviews out of them.  It was right around then it occurred to me that we were putting a shitload of effort into an endeavor with not much a payoff, but it’s summertime and all the good shows are in reruns, so screw it; we’ve got nothing better to do.

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Drawing a Liefeld Woman

Hello again geeks, are you all getting your proper dose of Liefeld this week? Well all this talk about a man I knew little about before my geek brothers opened my eyes to the wonders of Liefeld got me thinking it would be amazing to see more female Liefeld creations (or would it…). Either way, Lilith did some searching on Liefeld women and found this amazing website for you all giving you a step by step tutorial on how to create the very best Liefeld-inspired woman. While the exploding hot dogs are a nice touch, I might have to go with flying dachshunds myself.

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The Things I Do For Comics – Spider-Man/Badrock

I consider my fellow BOEG writer Biff Tannen a friend. Really, I do. We’ve known one another quite a while and he’s a rather agreeable chap. So, when that cold-hearted bastard suggested I read Spider-Man/Badrock for my next installment in this series, I was understandably upset.

Cover 1a

I mean,  fuck that guy, right?

You see, we recently sat down and watched The Image Revolution and while it was an interesting and well-made documentary, and certainly informative regarding the events surrounding the formation of image, it simply did not probe the human psyche for the reasons WHY people wanted these books. I’ve read some god awful books in my day, as regular readers of this column know, but some of the stuff that came out of 90s Image makes Force Works #1  look like motherfucking Watchmen.

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That Liefeld Look – Extreme Evil

As part of the Evil Geeks Liefeld Week festivities, we commissioned a knockoff Liefeld to reimagine the writing staff as awesome early 90s comic characters in the style of ol’ Rob himself.

Today’s subject is Big Evil, now known as Extreme Evil

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