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It feels good to be home. I know I have been neglecting you as of late dear Horrors, but don’t think that I have completely forgotten. You are always on my mind. When I woke up this morning, I made a plan to do literally nothing all day, and it was a good plan. However, much like what happens whenever I decide to do nothing, I get pulled into something. This time, that something was a bit more violent than usual. After seeing the first Purge movie in the theaters a while ago, I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Why you ask? Well I’ll goddamn tell you.

purge 2

The Purge series deals with what happens when the US government decides to institute a policy where once a year for 12 hours, all crime is legal. That includes murder, robbery, and anything else your disgusting minds can think of. The movies take place years after the Purge has been included into the lives of Americans, so everyone is used to it already. Honestly, if they had made it on the very first night of the law taking effect, that would have been vastly more entertaining. What we got however, was Ethan Hawke giving us an hour and a half of hide and seek. It was all false advertising. I was expecting them to be on the streets and watching people beat the shit out of each other and mow down friend and foes alike, but that was not to be. I was saddened, but not entirely denied entertainment. It was great when they were showing us clips of people purging, but they spent entirely too much time inside Hawke’s house chasing after a man his stupid son let in while purgers are outside waiting to come in and murder the fuck out of him. After all was said and done, I had expected more. Enter the sequel.

purge 4

The Purge: Anarchy takes place at least a year after the first movie, and thankfully doesn’t feature anyone important from the first one, and if it does, I couldn’t recognize them. I was walking into this thinking that I didn’t pay for it so if it was bad, it wouldn’t be too upsetting. As most of you may know, I walk into everything now with a sense of it being possible shit, which is a mindset that saves me from being too disappointed. Let me start off by saying this….I actually liked this movie…way more than I thought I would. How is this possible you ask? Simple…the purging.

If there is one thing that they could have done to this movie to make it better than the first, it would have bene to have more purging, which they absolutely do. This movie forgoes the concept of the hide and seek in a house nature of the first one, and gives you exactly what you want; maniacs on the street getting their murder on. This film is almost entirely on the streets, and I am so happy for that. The plot follows a group of people saved by a man who is out on the streets voluntarily, looking to get some personal vengeance. That’s all you need to know, and that’s essentially the core of the plot. Yes there are little bits of story here and there, like a group of people who have had enough of the purge and decide to fight back against the rich who always seem to be able to survive with no real issues, and other little sub plots that don’t really add much besides get you accustomed to the characters, but it’s mostly purging. This is good you guys. Not in a sick way like me enjoying to see people get messed up, but because we were not lied to for once. We asked for a proper Purge, and we got it.

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This movie is increasingly more violent than the first. Scenes of people beating others to death, dragging others out of their homes, or even getting some good old fashioned lovers revenge are prevalent and entertaining. The streets are unbelievably dangerous and crawling with people who would love nothing better than to let loose some inner aggression and take off your face. It’s the one night a year where the man who opens the door to your apartment building every day gets to show his true colors and attempt to rape one of the tenants, or when your coworker’s sister decides to go all bullet time in a moment of jilted rage. It’s a night where everyone is equal….for the most part. Class and status are acknowledged here in a way that is most likely going to piss you off, because in the event of a true life Purge, the way things go down would be the exact way things go down. Leaving the poor and weak do die on the streets, the rich barricade themselves in state of the art defended buildings and purge from the safety and comfort of their fortresses….like little bitches. It’s highly upsetting, and makes you actually want to purge as well, even if you really shouldn’t.

The best part of this movie is our core group of characters. It is really something for me to say this, but this film had a group of people that did not have a single person that I hated included. Sure some of them are slightly dickish, but I didn’t hate them, which is very rare. If there is one thing that I would have changed however, is that one of our main characters looks an awful lot like Glenn Howerton (Dennis from Always Sunny) and this movie would have gotten 5 stars from me if it really was him. I kept thinking about how each scene would be entirely way more entertaining if it was really him, and it also had me thinking of the hysterical possibilities of a Purge themed episode of Always Sunny. That would be stellar. Our leading man in this film is an actual badass, and is able to beat the fuck out of people handily, which that in itself makes him an improvement over Ethan Hawke. This isn’t Gattaca, this is the Purge guys. We don’t need so called degenerates dying due to poor life choices.

The Purge:  Anarchy

I wanted to do this with an insane amount of spoilers because it would have given me far more examples in order to make a solid argument for you to see this movie, but I didn’t want to take away from you guys seeing all the messed up acts on your own. The Purgers are scarier this time around and carry with them a bit more menace than the ones in the first did, and it makes it that much scarier. I generally was not creeped out by any of the guys in the first, although I could understand it being a lot worse in person, but the ones in the second one have something those rich idiots in the first one didn’t have….organization. Almost everyone out there this time is there for a reason besides the general purge, minus a few people you meet, and they have been waiting and making instruments of death all year. Some wear masks, others let their terrible hygiene instill fear into victims, but in the end, they all are professionals for the most part, which makes them so much worse. You can tell in the first one that it is a bunch of people who don’t have any sort of talent besides being slightly crazy and rich, but in the second, it’s as if the Purge was made specifically for these people. Snipers drinking beer on rooftops while taking shots at fleeing people, crazy ladies spouting religious texts on a rof with a megaphone, or massive trucks with turrets strapped to the back of it make for your worst nightmare on this earth.

purge 1

I would definitely recommend checking this film out, but honestly if you are not into this sort of film, you probably won’t have as good a time as I did. The Purge is a solid horror flick, and should definitely be watched at some point, whether it be in the theater or on video. No offense to the guys who made this, but it’s not one of those movies you really should see on a big screen. Any size screen will do, as long as you watch it. After all of the killing and all of the purging though, the real scary part comes from your own mind. Bet money that while watching this, you’ll be thinking of what you would do in this situation and if there was a real Purge. You’ll be horrified to know what you come up with. Personally…..I would probably raid a comic shop or a Gamestop…..sorry Earthworld. I’m only human….as much as I hate to say it.

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  1. That was my first instinct, too. Steal all the comics!

    I’ve heard a lot of people say good things about this movie, I might have to check it out. Great review!

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