Let Me Put My Suggestions in You – Rob Liefeld Edition

No, you didn’t misread that title, I’ve got a Liefeld-related recommendation for ya’ll.  Now, allow me to first put all of my cards on the table; This is not a legitimate suggestion of a Rob Liefeld project. No, I come to you this day to hip you to a twitter account that has brought me endless laughter over the last year and change since I discovered it.

Rob Liefeld is a famous man in the comic book world. And he’s famous in an El Guapo sort of way, which is to say INfamous.  However, he’s hasn’t exactly achieved mainstream celebrity (unless you count a certain Levi’s commercial) so it wasn’t too difficult for a hilarious internet prankster to grab Liefeld’s name on Twitter before the …artist… could get it for his own. So, if you’re looking for the dude who did X-Force on Twitter, you’ll wanna follow @RobertLiefeld. If you’re looking for laughs, follow @ROBLIEFELD.  And I have no affiliation with this parody account, I’m just a huge fan.


So goddamn extreme


Now, I’m not here to say that Rob Liefeld, the man, is an idiot.  That being said, the notion that Rob Liefeld is an enormous buffoon makes for some great reading. Whoever runs this account has created a persona for Rob that is basically Homer Simpson, if he were an insolent millenial. The fictional Liefeld positively exemplifies bad taste in everything he does.



Liefeld Pest

Liefeld Die Hard

I don’t know as that a single lowercase letter has ever appeared on Rob’s page. He has many followers, himself, but he only follows one account… and it’s the Levi’s corporate account.


He is depicted as an overgrown child who views his put-upon wife as a loathsome authority figure.

liefeldmonstertrucksLiefeld Wife 2

Conscious of the fact that he is the idol of impressionable children the world over, Rob is very vocal on the negative effects of marijuana.

LiefeldMarijuana1LiefeldMarijuana2Liefeld Drugs


And he’s frequently misinformed when it comes to celebrity deaths…

Liefeld Cobain Liefeld Heath Rob SmashmouthHonestly, I could go on and on about how fantastic this account is, but I want you to check it out for yourselves. If I just post an enormous list of great examples, it’s sort of stealing the thunder of the genius behind this account (and it’s more than a bit Buzzfeedy). You go to Twitter this very instant and follow this man!

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