The Liefeldian Man

Back in the B.C. days, a Roman architect and apparent chump named Vitruvius related the human form into geometric terms. Then that hack Leonardo da Vinci, about a millennium and a half later, threw together a sketch called the Vitruvian Man. I mean, I guess it’s anatomically correct and all but it’s hardly even a bit badass. This dude looks like a weakling, I bet his eyes don’t even glow!

Vitruvian Man

At least he’s got Michelangelo’s David beat in one important department.

One way or another, artists and pretty much everyone else bought into the bullshit notion that this was the ideal human form and an accurate representation of the relative dimensions of the human body.  But all that changed when Rob Liefeld hit the scene, and a routine Spring cleaning of old EXTREME studios building recovered this presumed-lost instructional sketch produced by Liefeld.

Feast your eyes upon the Liefeldian Man!

Liefeldian Man

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