Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Under the Flesh


Hello again Evil Geeks, it’s time for your regular dose of non-major company goodness! Today the blazing beam of the Indie Spotlight is illuminating Under the Flesh from Escape Comics . Written by Gilbert Deltres accompanied by the art of J.L. Giles, Under the Flesh gives us a tale of survival horror with a twinge of superheroism blended in. It’s the tale of a group of survivors trying to outlast a zombie outbreak, with one of the members of the group being basically just a few stars and stripes away from being Captain America. Grab your zombie killing boots Geekites and let’s get to re-killing us some damn dirty undead!

Do you know what the military has a whole bunch of? Dudes. So, if the world is protected by a mostly male fighting force, then some n’er-do-well might be able to completely neutralize any army that would possibly challenge them by tailoring a virus that infects only men and transmits super fast, Sure enough, that seems exactly what some nefarious type appears to have done. The armies of the world are infected seemingly simultaneously in a coordinated attack.  As the outbreak is in its initial stages, Lt. Reuben Lobos is just about to get the Captain America upgrade package from Uncle Sam.  Reuben is a black ops specialist who’s been chosen to be injected with nanites which will boost his strength, endurance, and durability. Instead of a Reuben’s treatment being cut short by a Nazi spy, it’s interrupted by the doctor conducting the experiment as he falls prey to the infection right in the middle of it.  Barely escaping with his life, Rueben does what every red blooded, patriotic American super soldier would do; he immediate escapes to track down his girlfriend so he can usher her to safety.


I like that this isn’t just a straight zombie story.  Rueben’s character introduces a new spin to a scenario that’s frequently used these days, ever since The Walking Dead skyrocketed in poularity.  Rueben doesn’t have a set of uber-powers like Superman, but he does have an edge over any normal person.  Reuben knows that he possesses enhanced abilities, but because His abilities may or may not be protecting Rueben; he hasn’t been infected by whatever it is that’s turning men into mindless killing machines bent only raping, killing, and eating (and not necessarily in that order).  There are other men around too, such as Paul, one of the other survivors in the library. Since there’s so many less  living men around these days, Paul is easily a contender for being named the hugest douche on the planet.  Some other bros still walking around in the zombie wonderland: the Hellions, a murderous biker gang roaming what’s left of the country, looting and pillaging.  So even though Reuben has got a huge advantage, it may not necessarily be enough to get him and his increasingly erratic girlfriend, Dinah, alive through this grisly ordeal.


If this is all sounding like a comic you can get into reading, then this is the part where we can be of assistance to the creators. They’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going to cover the costs of printing issues #1 and #2 . Donating only $2 will get you a shout out in the acknowledgment page of issue #1, a donation of $5 will get you the same plus a digital copy of issue #1, and there’s plenty of other great backer rewards as well.  There’s about 15 days left in their campaign and they’re about halfway to their goal of $3,500, so let’s unite Evil Geek Nation and help Gilbert and J.L. reach their goal! To donate to the campaign, just click it here: kickstarter.com/projects/363383187/under-the-flesh. That’s all the Indie Spotlight has for you today kiddies, but stp back again soon for so much more!

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