Comic Book Panel of the Day 7/17/14

Afternoon Geeks!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Fantastic Four #7 from James Robinson & Leonard Kirk and as you can see it stars the Ever Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing…Unfortunately for Mr. Grimm this is one sad as hell issue. Without spoiling it completely, lets just say that our boy Ben has seen better days to the point where he really begins to lose his trust in Reed and the friendships around him.

So what’s our Nancy Street boy to do? The same thing anyone would do when they’re down; drown his sorrows at the bar. The whole issue is really sad and alienating and the looks of the people at the bar has to make Ben feel even worse.

Poor, poor Ben...

I was pretty mad when Robison left Earth 2, but I’m really liking his FF run. It’s early enough in the book to get caught up so get reading today!

Later Nerds!

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