Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Rancor

Hey there geeks, sorry to have abandoned you all last weekend. I got myself in to a little bit of a skirmish with today’s creature. You see, Jabba and I got in to a bit of an argument, he wasn’t too flattered by what I wrote earlier this month and made me battle it out with his mother Rancor. But I am happy to report the creature is alive, and as payment for winning my bet with the Hutt I have been given my very own baby Rancor to raise alongside my wolves in the Evil Lair. Of course I am sure the sphinxes will enjoy taking this baby monster out for some joy rides too. And it makes it pretty easy for me to spotlight this stunning creature, one of my favorites from Episode 6: that’s right folks, today I bring you the infamous Rancor!


The rancor species originally comes from Dathomir, and in the Star Wars universe is considered a “reptomammal”, which sadly does not exist on our planet earth. They are a massive, warm blooded species that gives birth to live infants (as opposed to eggs) though unlike mammals these infants do not feed on milk from their mother, but instead chow down on the meals their mother provides them. The species in naturally carnivorous, often walking on all fours and using its massive clawed front hands to grasp and kill it’s prey, or to lift it’s prey towards its mouth full of sharp teeth. The animal’s back feet are rather stubby but strong and built like those of an elephant’s. And it’s short tail is prefect for balancing itself when it does stand on it’s hind legs.


Of course we are most familiar with this species as it was first encountered on the planet Tatooine, where it was kept as a pet by Jabba the Hutt in a pit below his palace. There he could trap his enemies and enjoy a gladiatorial style battle as they fought for their lives. And one of the saddest moments of the entire film for me was watching Luke not only defeat the rancor he was facing off, but destroying it with a fatal blow. I mean, it was not the rancor’s fault that it was captured and put in the pit forced to fight for its meals! But my trip to the Palace this past month allowed me to save the current baby rancor that Jabba was using to replace his lost plaything. And you thought baby elephants were cute!? Just wait until you see a baby rancor! They are like a mix between a baby sloth and rhino, and are strangely affectionate and companionable. My wolves can’t get enough of our little guy.


How did such a formidable species as the rancor end up being put in a situation like this anyways, right? Well we can blame the Dathomir witches that reside on the home planet of the rancor. These humanoids are strong in the force, and frequently domesticated rancors as their mounts. But being so easily tamed by these witches that opened up the possibility of trading rancors on the black market, something that I think all those in the galaxy partaking in should be ashamed of. So I have been thinking about starting up a Star Wars Wildlife Sanctuary to try to give some of these incredible species a place to live out the rest of their happy lives without being treated as property by all the rebel scum in the galaxy. I’ll be setting up shop in Naboo, let me know if you want to donate to the cause.

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