Horror of Horrors: Contracted

You geeks ready to get zombified again? Cause Lilith here just checked out a unique zombie horror movie this week and can’t wait to tell you all about it. I am quite obsessed with zombies, and surprisingly not bored by the fact that the majority of those zombie novels and movies out there deal with the same predictable storylines or post-apocalyptic scenarios. That doesn’t mean that I don’t really appreciate someone who tries to approach the story from a different angle. And the movie Contracted did that in two ways: 1. The zombie virus was an STD; and 2. The story follows patient zero and ends when she has finally been fully zombified, before the actual zombie outbreak has occurred. I don’t know about you, but those are two angles I have never seen taken before with the zombie apocalypse before. So continue forward for my review of this unique movie, but beware of spoilers.


I knew this was technically a horror movie, but I was not really prepared for how gross the opening scene would be: picture your typical dead corpse, a name tag on its toe, only this corpse is moving in a way we are all too familiar with: yup, someone is fucking this dead body and enjoying it quite a bit. We never actually see the face of this individual but can vaguely make out his features.


And now fast forward to our main character, Samantha, at a party where she struggles with her heart break over a recent break up with her girlfriend Nicki, and has to push off the advances of many interested individuals, from her best friend Alice to an old male friend Riley. The acting in this introduction to the movie was a little awkward and poorly done, luckily the same is not true for the rest of the movie. Eventually poor and lonely Samantha ends up a little too drunk, and accepts a drink from a man at the party named BJ. A man who features are washed out the same way are necrophiliac’s features were…We are not at all surprised to find out that drink Samantha accepted was spiked, and next thing we know she is getting raped in the back seat of BJ’s car.


The rest of the movie is a downward spiral for Samantha. You know those movies where you just watch a character dig themselves deeper in to a pile of shit, averting your eyes from the screen when it gets too painful? This movie was very much like that, only Samantha was not at fault for her deterioration. She begins to struggle with serious symptoms of an unknown ailment, including massive hemorrhage from her bodily orifices, a rash extending up from her privates, and areas of decay and necrosis that look worse than boils on a leper. Her friends and family think that she is turning to drugs, and her medical doctor has never seen anything like this before and does not know what to tell her other than to refrain from being sexually active until he gets more test results back.


Samantha’s physical decline is grotesque, and her emotional and mental well being suffer as well. She ultimately ends up in a murderous rage, and just before her illness has fully claimed her soul as a zombie it’s like the virus grasps one last piece of her mind and compels her to spread it. In a disgusting and rushed scene she convinces Riley to have pity sex with her, but he rejects her halfway through as maggots begin to pour from her vagina. Now I actually did think that the horrific blood and necrotic flesh that was coming from Samantha’s body in various stages throughout her illness was well done and convincing, but the maggots were a little too much. However, this is enough for Riley to pull out and run to the bathroom to clean his dick off, only to find Alice murdered in the bathtub.


Samantha flees, and in what I felt was one of the best scenes of the whole movie she appears to pass out behind the wheel, eventually crashing in to a guardrail. Her mother and the police arrive at the scene and she stumbles from the car in an unmistakable fashion. Running towards her mother who awaits with outstretched arms we all see a zombie shambling towards it’s first meal, and the movie ends there with a scream.


Pretty interesting approach to the zombie flick, and leaving us with the impression that there is room for future sequels to this movie if the producers feel so inclined as well. You want a gut-wrenching, grotesque horror movie about zombies? Go check this film out stat.

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  1. You’re welcome Eric! I have recommended the film to many fellow zombie-lovers as well. Any interest in joining us evil geeks in a podcast to talk about your films sometime?

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful review. Glad you enjoyed the film! – Eric England, Director

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