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Today’s Panel of the Day comes from last week’s issue of The New 52 – Futures End #9. In DC’s newest attempt to recreate the lightning in the bottle that we all saw with 52 many years ago we’ve been flung five years into the future of the current DCU and may I say that a lot of shot has gone down. This falls into the realm of spoilers so stop reading now if you plan to get the book but in the first issue we see that Stormwatch gets decimated and everyone on the team ends up deader than a doornail including Hawkman…WTF, Hawkman?? On Stormwatch?? Yeah, who knows how. Anyway, the super-secret S.H.A.D.E. organization has sent a team to investigate which includes Frankenstein, Amethyst, and a super strung out Ray Palmer. On their way they run into a conflict and Frankensteins arm gets ripped off in battle. After collecting the bodies and stabilizing the space station, Ray decides to go all Doc Frankenstein and cuts off Hawkman’s arm to give to Frank… gruesome, but as Palmer put it “It looked like the best fit.”

As you can see from this panel, that may not have been the best idea Dr. Palmer because when Mr. Hawk wakes up he’s pretty friggin’ angry!

Bad Move Ray...

Bad Move Ray…

Almost as good is the follow up panel where explanations try to happen…


I love that strung-out Ray freaks out and calls him a zombie, but I will tell you that Carter Hall isn’t a zombie, just has been imbued with Nth Metal which can heal him (and apparently bring him back from the dead!) The question is, can it grow him a new arm? Or will Frank give it back? Guess you’ll have to read Futures End to find out!

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