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I’ve recently been reacquainting myself with my old friends the X-Men and falling in love all over again. Part of it is based on nostalgia for my youth but another part of it based on a franchise that has had some of the most talented writers in the business and some of the worst (paradoxically sometimes they are one in the same). The X-Men’s history contains some classic stories well known throughout comicdom and also boasts a stable of characters equally as famous.

The 90’s were a tough time for comics in general but one bright spot was Jim Lee’s art, especially his work for Marvel. Although we’ve already highlighted one of his X-Men covers, it was hard to resist posting this. He will certainly go down as one of the great X-Men artists and a fan favorite for anyone who was reading during that time period. In my eyes he draws the definitive Wolverine (especially in the brown and tan costume) and Psylocke. I could go on and on about him facilitating a much needed costume overhaul for many of the core team members. Not to mention, I’m crazy for his corner box redesign in the top left corner for the soon to come X-Men (vol.2) It just seemed so cool for the time.

This cover is from Uncanny X-Men #274 in 1991 about half way through his tenure and shortly before they would launch the title into two books. For me, I can’t get enough of it. I love the pulpy aesthic and it taking place in the Savage Land with Ka-Zar helps give it a Tarzan feel. Magneto, a depowered Rogue with a side of Nick Fury? You can’t lose.


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